Let the German model be taken as an example in transportation

While there was a price hike in fuel every other day, a call was made for Turkey, like Germany, to switch to the cheap subscription application that encourages public transportation. While the hike comes on top of the hike, the fuel prices skyrocket, the citizens in Turkey are left alone with the hikes in gasoline and diesel fuel. However, many developed countries in the world are trying to…
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Health & Fitness

Current corona data announced! Minister Koca warned by giving examples from Istanbul and Eskişehir

According to the current corona virus data announced by the Ministry of Health, 233 people died. While there was a decrease in the number of new cases compared to yesterday, Minister Koca warned the citizens by giving examples about Istanbul and Eskişehir. Ministry of Health, Turkey’s daily COVID-19 table announced. According to the data for Thursday, February 3, 455 thousand 463…
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