International Legion volunteers in Ukraine were unprepared for war | news today

A Dutchman, a Frenchman, a German and an Australian from the International Legion war in the Ukraine have already died in combat. Photo: AFP Agency “They fought in Afghanistan or Iraq and claim they are not ready,” Polak says of his Western comrades, who fight alongside him in the foreign troops in Ukraine. Interviewed by AFP in a supermarket cafeteria in Kramatorsk in the donbas (this)…
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"Grand Slam" judo: Russian heavyweights tore opponents on the tatami

The first qualifying tournament for the Olympic Games ended in Ulaanbaatar Today, one hand is enough to list the sports in which our athletes are admitted to international starts in one form or another with various reservations. And judo, as the international federation proclaimed, is “the sport of peace, unity and friendship.” And it was this federation that was not afraid to…
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Incredible adventures of parallel import in Russia

I am sure that only a few months ago few people heard about parallel imports, and even fewer people knew what it was. Today, we constantly hear about him, and many believe that in the foreseeable future, thanks to him, we will return goods that many global brands now do not…

Cancellation of the bachelor's degree: the State Duma will decide the fate of Russian education

The Bologna system was called the “lived stage” On June 27, large-scale Duma hearings will be held on Russia’s withdrawal from the Bologna process. They will be held under the leadership of the speaker of the State Duma Vyacheslav Volodin, with the participation of the Minister of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation Valery Falkov, relevant committees of the…
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G7 leaders discuss Putin's naked torso ahead of photo shoot

The leaders of the G7 countries, who gathered today for the next summit in Germany at Elmau Castle, discussed how to do it in order to be “cooler than Putin” before taking pictures there. At the same time, they recalled the famous photo shoot of the President of Russia, when he rode a horse with a bare torso, demonstrating his excellent shape. The conversation between the G7 leaders…
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