More than 70 companies ask the UN for a treaty on plastic pollution

PET-type plastic recycling plant, located half an hour from El Dorado airport in Bogotá. Photo: Cristian Garavito More than 70 companies and financial institutions launched this Monday, January 17, a call for the United Nations (UN) to develop a binding treaty to address global plastic pollution. The initiative has the support of nearly two-thirds of UN member states. The request was made just…
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Ómicron arrived in Beijing: Government decided to close building with workers inside

The government reported that it presumes the woman became infected after handling international mail. This would not be the first time the Chinese government has blamed foreign and imported products for causing local outbreaks. Photo: AFP The eyes of the world are focused on China as it is just weeks away from the opening of the Winter Olympics and cases of COVID-19 are still emerging in the…
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Ómicron already circulates in 12 departments of the country | Colombian News

Given the advance of ómicron, countries have promoted alternatives that range from mandatory vaccination to mass testing. Photo: Gustavo Torrijos The National Institute of Health (INS) has just published the latest report on genomic surveillance of the variants that circulate in the country. According to this entity, 172 lineages of SARS-CoV-2 (the virus that gives rise to the virus) are…
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Jennifer López affected by covid. Run into the arms of Ben Affleck

Jennifer Lopez looks spectacular at 52 years old. Photo: Europa Press Agency Jennifer Lopez had arrived a few days ago to the Canary Islands, from Spain, to continue filming the project The Mother, which has in association with Netflix, however, unexpectedly production had to stop due to a covid outbreak. The Mother, that had advanced scenes in Canada, will resume recording until the team is…
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