The new social aid amounts have been announced! Here are the new gas, electricity and child support fees…

The amount of support within the scope of the Turkey Family Support Program has been increased. Electricity Consumption Support will be given to households with 1-2 people as 108 liras in exchange for 75 kilowatt-hours. Natural gas support will be paid between 900 liras and 2500 liras, varying from province to province. Derya Yanık, Minister of Family and Social Services, shared the…
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'Social media' may be the reason kids are sleep deprived

There is a lot of research going on on social media. Despite the many positive and negative reports, recent research has focused on children. According to research, spending a lot of time on social media by young children equates to a full night’s sleep each week.
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20-year crisis created by the AKP government: “Children are doomed to malnutrition and hunger”

Lale Karabıyık, Vice President of the CHP, issued a written statement to the press on malnourished children due to the economic crisis. Karabıyık made the following assessments: “According to data shared by Türk-İş in August 2022, The poverty line for a family of 4 is 22,000,442 TL and the hunger limit is 6,000,890 TL. Considering that the minimum wage is 5…
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CHP's İlgezdi: almost every day, 38.7% of households skip meals

According to figures from TUIK; Highlighting that the two countries with the highest child poverty rate among 30 European countries are Turkey and Romania, CHP Vice President and Istanbul Vice President Gamze Akkuş İlgezdi said: “The number of children under 16 living in extreme poverty reached 6 million. 500 thousand. A quarter of children living in Turkey are very underweight…
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“Make your child reign on social networks”

Social media expert Hacı Mustafa Özsoy, who advises on children’s use of social media, said families should set rules. Stating that the most important factor that will keep kids safe on social media is parents, social media expert Hacı Mustafa Özsoy pointed to the “digital parent”. Özsoy said children of families who are successful digital parents will be…
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