The story of how Boyacá will finally have commercial aviation | Paipa

This month the flights begin from the Juan José Rondón Airport in Paipa. / Mayor of Paipa At the end of this month, all the departments of the country will have regular commercial aviation, at last. For Paipaand to Boyaca In general, it is a commitment to competitiveness, an opportunity to attract tourists, and even, as some see it, the payment of a historic debt. The next June 22 and 23…
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The aviation industry failed to meet its climate targets

The climate change non-governmental organization operating in the UK has announced that only 1 of the 50 climate targets determined by the aviation sector since 2000 has been met. According to the data, 15 percent of the society makes 70 percent of all flights, and it was…

Airbus would work with CFM on hydrogen engine technology

Hydrogen technology is still under investigation for use in jet engines. Reference image. Photo: Courtesy Airbus SE would soon announce a partnership with the manufacturer of engines CFM International to work on hydrogen propulsion technology, as it aims to introduce a passenger aircraft that works with the fuel by 2035, according to people familiar with the matter. An announcement scheduled…
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Fourth wave panic in the aviation industry

The aviation industry, which is one of the sectors affected by the pandemic, was surrounded by the fear of the fourth corona virus wave based in Europe. Industry representatives are worried about possible travel restrictions. The aviation industry, hit by the pandemic…