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Tony Watt, whose transfer is on the agenda: ‘If I had chosen money, I would have gone to Turkey’

Tony Watt, who transferred from Motherwell to Dundee United in the Scottish Premier League during the interim transfer period, gave a striking response to the criticism that he was after the money.

The 28-year-old Scottish striker, who is the league’s top scorer, said in a previous statement that he felt at home in Motherwell and stated that he could sign a new contract with the club. However, the transfer of the star football player to Dundee United in the East of the country brought controversy.

Responding to allegations that he accepted Dundee’s offer to earn more money, the experienced striker said that he would have preferred to go to Turkey or Dubai if he was only interested in money.

“I joined this club for sporting reasons,” Watt said:

“People think I chose money. If it were, I’d be in the UK, Dubai, or anywhere else that made an offer to me. At the beginning of the season, I got an offer to go to Dubai. In the first week of January, one of Turkey’s top leagues called me, but my heart was in favor of transferring here.”


Watt’s transfer to Dundee United, which is 6 points behind Motherwell in the league and more disadvantaged in qualifying for the title, was seen as a surprising development. Ranking 7th in the league with 25 points, Dundee United lost 8 of the last 11 matches, won 1 and drew once.

Watt, who grew up in the Celtic infrastructure, has played in Standard Liege, Charlton Athletic, Blackburn, Cardiff, CSKA Sofia and St. He played for teams like Johnstone. Watt, who most recently transferred to Motherwell in 2020, scored 19 goals and made 11 assists in 70 games in two seasons. The Scottish striker has performed 10 goals-2 assists in 25 games played this season.

Source: Cumhuriyet

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