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Named draconian conditions for fans at the Olympics in Beijing

Do not sing, do not eat, do not talk in elevators

According to the latest decisions of the Beijing 2022 Organizing Committee, only selected fans will be able to come to the Olympic Games, who will be fully tested for coronavirus. Tickets will not go on public sale, but even those lucky ones who can get into the stands will have to behave modestly and bleakly.

With foreign spectators in Beijing, they decided back in September – they will not be in the Olympic stands. Back then, China still hoped that the doors of stadiums and sports complexes would be open to the locals, but this week the decision was slightly modified after the Omicron variant of the coronavirus was identified in Beijing and neighboring Tianjiang at the beginning of the year.

Tickets for the competitions will not go on open sale, and only selected groups will be allowed to cheer for athletes (primarily Chinese, of course), among whom tickets will be distributed.

According to Chinese media reports, students from Beijing universities and employees of state-owned enterprises will be mainly allowed to the stands, who will be transported to the places by buses.

What are the requirements for viewers?

They must definitely give a booster dose of the vaccine, make sure that 14 days before the start of the Games they did not come into contact with a sick COVID-19, and also were not in areas where cases of infection were detected.

But even with these inputs, two negative PCR tests, taken 96 and 72 hours before the event, must be submitted to enter the stands.

Do’s and Don’ts in the stands

Actually, you can only watch and applaud. Everything else is impossible. Firstly, all spectators must wear a properly masked mask. Secondly, keep social distance, do not get close, do not hug and avoid any physical contact at all.

Thirdly, you need to have a good lunch before going to the Olympic venue, because eating there will also be prohibited.

And no loud exclamations, chants and songs in support of the athletes. In principle, athletes and all other participants in the Games were even forbidden to talk in elevators: after all, it is impossible to keep a social distance in elevators, and therefore, in order to reduce the risk of the spread of viral particles, it is better to be silent altogether.

The same will certainly apply to spectators if it becomes necessary to use an elevator at the facilities.

How many spectators will be allowed into the stands has not yet been said, but the seats will definitely not be 100 percent filled.

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