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Kommersant: Omicron jeopardized the Olympics in China

The Beijing Olympics are scheduled to take place on February 4-20, but a case of infection with a new strain of coronavirus “omicron” has been recorded in China. Experts believe that he was brought into the country by a parcel sent from Canada.

According to Kommersant newspaper, the authorities have to take emergency measures to contain the disease. Moreover, Russian President Vladimir Putin should come to the opening of the Games. His trip, according to Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov, is already being prepared under “very difficult conditions.”

The first case of “omicron” was identified a week ago in Beijing. A woman fell ill, who has not left the capital for the past two weeks, but has been in contact with many people. She received a package from Canada that went through the US and Hong Kong.

At the same time, in China, the incidence of coronavirus has practically disappeared. Daily figures do not exceed 200 people.

The unenviable prospect of the spread of “omicron” will certainly force the authorities to tighten the conditions for staying at competitions. It has already been decided to require two negative PCR tests from citizens arriving in Beijing.

Foreign parcels will be subject to strict control. It was decided to disinfect them in several stages.

Dmitry Peskov told the publication that Moscow is “ready to act vigorously and flexibly.”

“In this regard, additional requirements for sanitary safety are born, which we discuss together with our Chinese partners. What will happen next, in the remaining weeks before this trip, God willing, everything will go according to plan, at least we are preparing,” he added.

Peskov also said that a small pool of Russian journalists would work at the Olympics.

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