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What happened on Samsunspor’s painful day, January 20, 1989?

In the second half of the 1988/1989 season of the Turkish League, the bus with the Samsunspor football team, which went to Malatyaspor away, collided with the truck in the Havza district. In the accident, coach Nuri Asan and football players Mete Adanır, Muzaffer Badalıoğlu, Zoran Tomic and bus driver Asım Özkan lost their lives.

Footballers Emin Kar, Erol Dinler, Şanver Göymen, Orhan Kılınç, Kasım Çıkla, Fatih Uraz, Burhanettin Beadini, Yüksel Öğüten, Uğur Terzi and manager Yüksel Özan were injured. After the traffic accident, Samsunspor Club added black to the red and white jersey colors in memory of the names they lost.

For those who lost their lives in the traffic accident of Samsunspor on January 20, 1989, a commemoration will be held at their graves on the 33rd anniversary of the sad event.

A commemoration ceremony will be held in Asri Cemetery on January 20 for coach Nuri Asan and bus driver Asım Özkan, who lost their lives in the accident where the bus carrying Samsunspor team, which set off for the away match with Malatyaspor, collided with a truck in Havza district.

Mete Adanır will be commemorated in the TRNC, Muzaffer Badalıoğlu will be commemorated in Zonguldak, and Zoran Tomic will be commemorated by his grave in Serbia.

Emin Kar, the legendary football player and former president of Samsunspor, who was paralyzed in the same accident and died as a result of a heart attack in October 2021, will be remembered with prayers in his grave in Asri Mezarlık.

Source: Cumhuriyet

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