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Biathlon reserve team Babikov wins Antholz gold

The individual race of the World Cup stage became a double success for Russia

This is happening for the first time in the last five years: two Russian biathletes got on the podium at once: Anton Babikov won the individual race of the World Cup stage in Antholz, and Karim Khalili won bronze. And now what to do with the golden Babikov? At the moment, he is a substitute in the Olympic biathlon team.

Yes, Antholz is always happy with the results, and on the eve of the Olympic Games, they are especially pleasant. Victories are always beautiful, and when they also occur in overcoming, they are especially good. And some amazing details accompany this gold of Anton Babikov. For example, five years ago, it was he who became a participant in a double blow to the podium: he won the gold of Östersund, leaving the silver to Maxim Tsvetkov, who was ahead of the Frenchman Martin Fourcade.

And even before the start, Babikov said: he watched a series about Michael Jordan and remembered that the main thing for Giordano was to get an irritant, then he was invincible. “I want to find the same traits in myself, I know that they are present in me, but sometimes I don’t get angry because of the kindness of my soul. I think if I get angry, it will be better. The Olympics have not started yet. And Babikov also said that – yes, a spare, but “it’s not evening yet.”

True, we have five places (Russian biathletes could not get an additional quota), not six, and they are all occupied. Yes, and the coach of the national team, Sergei Bashkirov, as if already answered in the commentary of Match TV to all the assumptions that literally saturated the air of Italy about changes in the composition of the Russian national team. They say that Babikov did not add a headache by winning, he once again proved that he is a good shooter and can work well at the turn, especially in individual races. “Anton is the closest spare, everything will remain as it is for now. Doesn’t it seem strange that the winner of the World Cup stage will not be at the Olympics? No, it doesn’t seem like it.”

But it is quite possible that opinions will be divided: an athlete who shot four zeros in the individual race, as Anna Bogaliy believes, for example, is a potential contender for a medal in Beijing. And the coaches need to think very clearly about who will run the sprint race at the Olympics, and who will run the individual.

In the individual race, Anton was the only one of our athletes who shot without a miss. Skiing he showed 16th place. After the race, he said: I think that I can shoot not only in a difficult wind (and that day was just such), but also in a difficult emotional situation. And he did not hide it: of course, today he tried to prove something to everyone, including himself.

So far so: the Olympic reserve Babikov, who has just won his second personal gold medal of the World Cup stage in his career, should go to the European Championship.

For Karim Khalili, the bronze medal is his first individual World Cup award. The best result in a career. Karim also shot well, with only one miss in the second prone. He said that after strength training the day before, everything hurts him, but he managed to run and cope with the shooting. This race is the only one for Khalili in Antholz, now preparations for the Olympics begin.

Alexander Loginov finished the race ninth: on the second stage he made a mistake while standing, on the fourth – two. But the course was the best among ours. After the finish, he said that with the coaches he set the task of completing the race in a more training mode, as a preparation for further starts. Therefore, the first circles went with a margin, at the finish circle there were forces to run smoothly. “I understood that I didn’t go the whole distance with my last strength and on the last lap you can add a little bit.”


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