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“In my memory it wasn’t that we played one and a half times in the minority”: Mikhail Yuriev commented on the match with “Yenisei”

SKA-Neftyanik Khabarovsk drew with Krasnoyarsk team – 3: 3

After a strange draw in Pervouralsk, when SKA-Neftyanik played a draw with an outsider of the championship who had not yet won a single victory, the Khabarovsk team had the opportunity to rehabilitate themselves in front of their fans. The team moved to Krasnoyarsk, where they had to play with their principal rival – the local Yenisei, and I must say that the team coped with this task perfectly.

The match ended in a draw, but such a draw is sometimes more valuable than a victory. The Khabarovsk team played almost the entire match in the minority, repulsing the fierce attacks of their opponents and still managed to keep the score. It should be borne in mind that Krasnoyarsk residents really do not like to lose at home and today they have made every effort to score 3 points on their account. In turn, the army team managed to find the keys to the game of “Yenisei” without letting him play the hockey they had planned.

Well, one should not discount the “home” refereeing, when the referees paid more attention to the mistakes of the guests than to the violations of the hosts. After the match, even the fans of the Krasnoyarsk team expressed their dissatisfaction with the judges. In their opinion, the team could handle the guests on its own, without outside support. But it turned out, how it happened. As they say: spoons were found, but the sediment remained.

– I’ve never been so ashamed. Who needs to understand what I mean, – writes Alexey Ivanov, fan from Krasnoyarsk.

– Why do we need the help of the judges? Or is there an installation to “melt” the swag? It wasn’t disgusting for yourself? Goal from offside, “foam” is absolutely left, – echoes him Alexander Ivanov, also from the city on the Yenisei.

– Oleksandr, maybe ours did not ask specifically in this match to “melt” the swag, maybe this is a general tendency and attitude and we are not involved in it, or how we should behave: the referee removes the player until the end of the match, but a foul, but rude, but our player didn’t get any injury and there was no blood, it was possible to do with 10 minutes, so we had to drive up to the referee and say, no, no, comrade referee, do not remove him or do not put a penalty, he is dubious, we just hostages of the situation, like Vodnik and everyone else, – answers Anton Koltyrin.

– Alexander, Khabarovsk “flattened” for the “sins” of the last season. It was clear even before the championship that it would be so, – sums up Aleksey Ivanov.

The hosts were the first to open the score. The captain of the Krasnoyarsk team Sergey Lomanov scored from the penalty spot on the 18th minute. But after a minute Yuri Shardakov equalized the score, and on the 23rd minute already Tuomas Mäattya took SKA-Neftyanik forward and Yenisey could not play this ball for 47 minutes. At the 71st minute, Denis Kriushenkov still equalizes the score, but in less than three minutes Vladimir Kalanchin scores again. On the 79th minute Sergey Lomanov makes a double and sets the final score in this game – 3: 3. By the way, on the 32nd minute Yuri Bondarenko received a red card and left his team in the minority. By the way, this match gathered in the stands a record number of fans at present – almost one and a half thousand.

– Probably, it is difficult to remember that with such an audience the matches were like. Perhaps the most important thing is that a large number of fans gathered and they saw an uncompromising match. The match really turned out to be very, very exciting. Now I was remembering that it wasn’t in my memory that we played one and a half times in the minority. This is actually very difficult. When the limitations of substitutions are severe enough. There are a number of guys who could not take part today. So this result is doubly dear to us. As for Yenisei, matches with the participation of Khabarovsk and Krasnoyarsk are always held in a similar atmosphere, in a similar struggle. I think that hockey and the fans only benefited from this, – noted Mikhail Yuriev, head coach of the SKA-Neftyanik team.

Besides the realization of the chances, I liked the match and the Yenisei mentor.

– A good, dynamic match. Interesting, exciting with a lot of unrealized moments, – emphasized Alexey Shcheglov, head coach of HC “Enisey”… – But it happens, it’s a sport. Somewhere today we were less fortunate, and so I have nothing more to add. There were a lot of good moments, which made me happy, but I repeat, we didn’t realize a lot. This is a sport, there is no way without mistakes, whoever makes less mistakes wins.

The next game “SKA-Neftyanik” will play in Nizhny Novgorod with the local “Start” this Wednesday, December 15th. “Start” is now in 10th place in the standings with 7 points in the asset.


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