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“The most unfavorable forecast that could have been with us – it turned out”: Mikhail Yuriev on the draw of the Khabarovsk SKA-Neftyanik and Ural Trubnik

Although we didn’t lose, but this match can rather be written down as a liability for the Khabarovsk SKA-Neftyanik. Uralsky Trubnik now is not a team of the level to compete on equal terms with the skilled SKA players. So far, the Pervouralians have not won a single meeting in this championship and were considered by many as outsiders of this fight.

But the weather, ice and a great desire not to concede to an opponent played a role – SKA-Khabarovsk could not win where, it seemed, they had to take their three points. However, this always happens – an outsider team can unexpectedly surprise a stronger opponent by pulling together and outplaying him on moral and strong-willed.

As for the weather, it was very cold before the match in Pervouralsk, so the ice was not poured – only cleaned up, and this greatly affected the game of the Khabarovsk people, who managed to get out of the habit of open ice and all the delights associated with it. In addition, for a short pause, “Trubnik” was able to recover and gave a real battle to the Khabarovsk people.

It all started with a goal by Yuri Shardakov already in the seventh minute of the match, but the army team did not take long in the score – a minute later the Ural team was able to equalize the score, Grigory Yugasov scored. Khabarovsk did not retreat – in the 13th minute they earned a corner kick, which was implemented by Vladimir Kalanchin, who again brought SKA forward. The hosts compare in the 32nd minute – Artem Vshivkov scores from the game, but the army team immediately recoups – a minute later Tuomas Mäattya realizes his moment. The teams leave for the break with a score of 3: 3

In the second half, the Khabarovsk team, having adapted to the weather conditions and difficult ice, managed to seize the initiative, but the hosts continue to attack, and in the 59th minute Vitaly Bryzgin defeats Denis Rysev’s goal. Mikhail Yuriev takes a time-out, and in the 79th minute Tuomas Mäattya makes a double, equalizing the score in this match. Unfortunately, the Khabarovsk team failed to score more goals in this match.

– We understood what the match was about, how the opponent was acting, and, in general, the most unfavorable forecast that we could have – it turned out, – noted Mikhail Yuriev, head coach of HC SKA-Neftyanik at the post-match press conference. – We understood how the opponents would attack, that if we play high, there will be counterplay, and, unfortunately, we played the way we played. They gave the opponent the opportunity to squeeze the maximum out of those few moments, catch on to the score, and they confidently and with great dedication defended the score that was in their hands. I can’t say that we didn’t try. We tried to turn on the speed, beat, run around, but, probably, on this field, which was not quite suitable for playing low, it did not quite work out – the ball was crushing, and it was very difficult to control it, it is even more difficult to pass. Well, long passes, from which the opponent squeezed out everything he squeezed out … maybe it should have been … but it is clear that the opponent would not have let us play this way. I cannot say about the whole team, maybe some players did not play their best match, it really is – yesterday the team won much better than today, although it was cooler yesterday. It was evident that the guys were energized, I repeat – we did not expect the ice to be of such quality, because it snowed before the match, and this affected the preparation of the ice. The ball was crushing, and it was not possible to play the usual hockey. Well, the opponent defended quite tightly, took on himself quite toughly, acted, and therefore it was not easy.

Mikhail Yuryev also spoke about the condition of Pavel Ryazantsev, for whom not only Khabarovsk fans are worried.

“We hope that in a couple of weeks he will be in service,” the SKA-Neftyanik mentor shared the information. – In general, the season began so that he only got one injury, only from it he began to move away, went to the match with Kuzbass – he got the next one. Of course we miss Paul, obviously.

As for the coach of Uralsky Trubnik, he was satisfied with the performance of his team. Still, according to experts, Trubnik played probably its best match in this championship.

– We are satisfied with the result, – stressed Oleg Khaidarov, head coach of Uralsky Trubnik… – We played with a team that is superior in skill and in all respects. Satisfied with the content of the game, a little dissatisfied with the implementation of the moments, but this is our problem, which we are trying to solve, but, unfortunately, not everything is working out yet. What made me happy – the guys fought despite the weather conditions, the quality of the ice, but in these weather conditions, there are no complaints about the flooders – they did everything they could. And the guys showed their qualities, and I think that now they are beginning to believe in themselves that they can. Let it be not 90 minutes, but we show some segment of an already interesting hockey. The skill is slowly growing. I think that we are moving in the right direction, and everything is still ahead of us.

Now Khabarovsk residents are moving to Krasnoyarsk, where they will have a difficult fight with their principal rival – “Yenisei”. The teams will play this Saturday, December 11th.


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