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Football clubs “Krasnodar” and “Sochi” played among themselves

Football clubs Krasnodar and Sochi played among themselves; basketball club “Lokomotiv-Kuban” after four successful matches in the European Cup stumbled in Ankara – “MK in Kuban” about the main sporting events of the Krasnodar Territory.

Were hitting the goal less, but we won

The main thing is the result

The return match in Sochi between the leopards and the bulls was, perhaps, of more fundamental importance for the hosts. After all, in the last meeting in Krasnodar, they lost with a crushing score – 3: 0. The head coach of the “resort tourists” Vladimir Fedotov said before the game that the team should rehabilitate for that defeat. There was a footballer in Sochi who was clearly looking forward to this victory more than others. We are talking about a graduate of the Krasnodar Academy Denis Adamov. The goalkeeper was included in the hosts’ starting lineup for the match and he certainly wanted to prove to his former club that he had not kept it in vain.

By the way, Soslan Dzhanaev, Mateo Barach and Sergey Terekhov were out of the list for the leopards. The Bulls could not count on Remy Cabella and John Cordoba.

The start of the match turned out to be crazy. The game was played without defense. Each team rushed forward. But the first ten minutes remained for Krasnodar. By this time, Vladimir Ilyin could have scored three goals against Sochi. Once the forward of the “townspeople” missed the target, going one-on-one with Adamov. Then he hit the post. And finally, Ilyin shot in touch from the goalkeeper’s line. The ball flew higher. The Sochi players also created scoring chances. In the same ten minutes it is dangerous, but Timofey Margasov shot above the gate. And then Ibragim Tsallagov kissed great from outside the penalty area. The ball flew close to the nine.

With such an abundance of scoring chances at the beginning of the match, luck smiled at the Sochi people. On the 19th minute, Mateo Cassierra received the ball from the center of the field with a long-range pass from Danila Prokhin, outplayed the defenders and threw Matvey Safonov. The goalkeeper could only watch as the projectile, describing an arc, first hit the bar, and then flew into the empty net – 1: 0.

The Black-Greens were able to recoup at once. Eduard Spertsyan was knocked down by Tsallagov in the Sochi penalty area. Sergei Karasev awarded a penalty. Victor Klasson went to beat him. The Swede shot great into the left corner of the goal. Adamov did not cope with this blow. This penalty was Krasnodar’s tenth in the Premier League. No club in the Russian Premier League has punched as much. At the same time, the performance indicator of penalty kicks for the “townspeople” is equal to fifty percent (five scored and five missed). Klasson hit a penalty for the first time this season.

Then the game calmed down a bit. At the same time, both teams tried to attack. Both Safonov and Adamov did not stand without work. At the beginning of the second half, Krasnodar again seized the initiative and achieved a result thanks to this. On the 53rd minute of the match, the “townspeople” carried out a very quick attack. Grzegorz Krychowiak started it, then Aleksey Ionov made an excellent pass from the right edge of the penalty area to the radius, Klasson ran in there. The Swede, in touch, sent the ball to the corner of the goal under the post. This goal of the winger was his 43rd goal in the Krasnodar shirt.

Sochi ran to recoup. And the owners had a great chance to do it. Once they even brought the ball into the net. This was done immediately after the substitution was made by Ivelin Popov. However, before that, the side judge recorded an offside position. Nikita Burmistrov and the same Tsallagov also had moments, but all their efforts were in vain. For the last twenty minutes Krasnodar began to play openly to keep the score. And when in the 87th minute of the match Krykhovyak received a direct red card for a rough tackle, the bulls generally remained only in their half of the field. This tactic brought the “black-greens” the eighth victory in the Russian championship. Viktor Goncharenko’s team earned 28 points after seventeen rounds, ahead of Sochi in additional indicators. Now Krasnodar is the third in the standings, the “health resort” – the fourth. It is surprising that Krasnodar did not have an advantage in possession of the ball in this meeting, as is often the case in the Russian Premier League. In this indicator, the teams had absolute parity. And in terms of shots into the goal, the Sochi players significantly outplayed their rival: nineteen (six) against thirteen (three).

In the next round, which will be the last this year, both clubs will play at home. Sochi will host Spartak, which is not in the best shape. The outsider and debutant of the Premier League Nizhny Novgorod will come to Krasnodar.

Strengthened by two-time NBA champion

Game with varying degrees of success

Basketball club “Lokomotiv-Kuban” continues its performance in the season. Yevgeny Pashutin’s team was defeated at home by Zenit as part of the regular VTB United League championship. That match ended with a score of 79: 106 (29: 28, 16: 28, 22: 25, 12: 25). At first the teams played on equal terms, in the first game the hosts were leading with a difference of one point. But before the big break, Petrograd took the lead. In the third quarter, the hosts managed to close the gap to eight points. They left for the final segment of the match with a difference of plus fourteen in favor of Zenit. The final ten minutes were entirely left for the club from St. Petersburg.

Then there were three successful Loko matches in the Eurocup. First, the “railroad workers” beat the houses of “Morabank Andorra” – 93: 82 (25: 17, 26: 17, 21: 15, 21: 33). Then the Lithuanian “Letkabeli” won at a visit – 84: 85 (24: 23, 21: 19, 19: 26, 20: 17). At the same time, Pashutin’s team lost three quarters. Then the house “Metropolitan-92” was defeated – 99: 85 (29: 22, 26: 21, 22: 27, 22: 15).

Then there was a difficult home game against Yenisei as part of the regular VTB United League championship. The meeting ended with the victory of Loko with a score of 101: 93 (21: 30, 21: 17, 22: 13, 37: 33). The railroad workers started the game unsuccessfully. By the beginning of the second quarter, they were nine points behind their opponents. But gradually the hosts leveled the game and by the fourth game segment took the lead. And in the end they also finished off the opponent.

Then there was an away victory over the Polish “Szlensk” in the European Cup. The meeting ended in defeat – 68: 98 (17:27, 15:22, 19:22, 17:27). Then, in the framework of the VTB United League regular championship, the Polish Zielona Gora was beaten away. The meeting ended with a score of 90: 98 (21: 28, 21: 29, 26: 22, 22: 19).

Lokomotiv-Kuban lost the last two games. First, there was a defeat at a party from the Turkish “Turk Telecom” in the European Cup. The match turned out to be stubborn. This meeting was won by one or the other team. But the owners were more fortunate. The fight ended in their favor with a score of 85: 88 (17: 24, 22: 23, 21: 19, 25: 22). After the game, Pashutin said that the opponent acted dirty and got away with it.

In the last match, the “red-greens” also lost. It happened at home as part of the VTB United League regular championship, when CSKA arrived in Krasnodar. The meeting ended with the victory of the guests with a score of 69: 88 (18: 25, 17: 19, 19: 22, 15: 22). Already in the first quarter, the army team broke away by seven points, and by the big break they increased their advantage to plus nine. The third quarter was also left for the guests. In the final segment of the match, the army team again proved to be stronger and brought their advantage to plus nineteen. After seven VTB United League games, Lokomotiv-Kuban is sixth with four victories and three defeats.

In late October, the railroad announced the signing of 28-year-old point guard Quinn Cook. The contract with the American player is valid until the end of this season. Cook made his NBA debut for Dallas in 2017 and ended the season with New Orleans. Then the basketball player played in the Golden State club, with which he won his first NBA title. The player won the second ring of the winner in 2020 as part of the Lakers. Quinn started last season at the Los Angeles Lakers and ended at the Cleveland Cavaliers.


Source From: MK

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