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Where is the youth in Beşiktaş?

Beşiktaş is losing its stars from equity, one by one. Rıdvan Yılmaz went to Glasgow Rangers after his dream of Europe. Emirhan İlkhan signed with Turin. Serdar Saatçı, who was excluded from the squad, did not sign the 5-year contract presented to him as a condition of amnesty.

Waiting to reap the fruits of the equity organization that lasted for years and attaching importance to the money that will come from it, Beşiktaş got into trouble with the goodbyes one after the other. Rıdvan Yılmaz, who was one of the important football players of his generation between 2000-2005, left the team, citing his goal of playing abroad. The 21-year-old national left-back was sold to Glasgow Rangers with €4 million guaranteed and €2.2 million based on performance. Then it turned out that Emirhan İlkhan would also leave the team.


It has been learned that there is an exit clause of 4.5 million Euros in Emirhan’s contract, and that Torino will use it. This farewell drew the reaction of the community. And the third separation is on the horizon… It is stated that Serdar Saatçı, who is out of the squad, does not accept the amnesty condition. The 19-year-old defender was given the message “Extend your contract, which will expire in 2023, for 5 years, let’s forgive”. Although days passed, Serdar did not give a positive feedback.


It was claimed that the black-and-white management warned the young football players from the manager. According to the information received, the players were asked to inform the club about their managers. It is claimed that the management will declare some managers ‘banned’ and ask the players to designate a different representative according to the next notification.

Source From: Sozcu

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