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World Cup 2022 in Qatar – a fan’s financial guide. How to get a match ticket, how much money you need to spend on flights and accommodation

An unusual date, high prices, limited accommodation facilities, air-conditioned stadiums, a direct duel between Lewandowski and Messi – for many reasons, the World Cup in Qatar promises to be exceptional. What to prepare for financially during the football world cup? Here are expert tips on: travel, accommodation, match tickets and daily living costs.

Summer can be deadly in Qatar. From June to September, average daily temperatures exceed 40 degrees Celsius. Nights do not bring much relief, for four consecutive months the average does not fall below 30 degrees. Therefore, FIFA, agreeing to the World Cup in the Persian Gulf, also had to accept an unusual date: November 20 – December 18, 2022 In November, the average daytime temperature is 24-30 degrees, and in December about 20-25 degrees.

Currently, the last official phase of sale of tickets for the matches (last minute) is open and will last until the end of the championship via the FIFA website.

Importantly, fans wishing to cross the borders of Qatar will need a Hayya Card instead of a visa. An application for such a document can be submitted at The organizers of the World Cup explain: “You need this card to enter Qatar and get to the stadium. It’s also your key to free rides on match day and other perks.”

The cheapest grandstand tickets are reserved for Qatari residents. International visitors can purchase individual tickets for group stage matches for between 250 and 800 Qatari Riyals. In the knockout stage, prices increase to 2200-5850 riyals.

You have to pay about PLN 1.25 for 1 rial, which means that for the cheapest single ticket to a group meeting according to today’s exchange rates we will pay about PLN 330, and for the most expensive almost PLN 1,000. zloty. If the team leaves the group, the cheapest ticket for the cup match will cost around PLN 3,000. PLN, and 8,000 for a more comfortable place. zloty.

For round-trip flights from Warsaw to Doha and back, one person will pay about PLN 4,000. Departure from Berlin and return to the capital of Germany would also cost around 4,000. zloty.

In Qatar, you have to be prepared for high prices of goods and services. For many residents of the emirate, they are not a problem, the average monthly salary there is – in conversion – over PLN 15,000. zloty. You have to pay about PLN 60 for a meal in a bar, about PLN 35 for a burger, about PLN 50 for half a liter of beer in a supermarket, and about PLN 70 in a pub. Car rental prices start from approx. PLN 250 per day. On the other hand, petrol is cheap – a liter costs about 2.1 riyals, i.e. about PLN 2.7.

The US currency has fallen 8% since the beginning of the quarter. At the moment, there is no reason to believe that the dollar may cost much less during the World Cup. There is even a risk that the American currency will become more expensive again, and so will the rial, predicts Bartosz Sawicki, an analyst at

– It is worth knowing that the exchange rate of the Qatari currency is permanently pegged to the dollar. Therefore, the quotations of the American currency against the zloty will affect the cost of the entire escapade from the perspective of Polish fans. The dollar may be past its peak, but it is still expensive from a long-term perspective. In September, its exchange rate exceeded PLN 5 for the first time, and today it is valued at approx. PLN 4.50 – adds Bartosz Sawicki.

Accommodation not far from the center of Doha can be booked for around PLN 1,000 per night, but in quite spartan conditions. There is no shortage of offers many times more expensive – e.g. for approx. 10,000. zloty. The agency prepared for fans from other countries on the championship website may be helpful in looking for accommodation.

The budget for two people for a 10-day trip to Qatar and the group stage is as follows:

  • flights – approx. 8 thousand zloty,
  • tickets for three matches – approx. 3,000 zloty,
  • accommodation – approx. 10,000 zloty,
  • car rental – approx. 3,000 zloty,
  • food and drink expenses – approx. PLN 3,000 zloty.
  • In total, estimated, from approx. 27 thousand. zloty.

But beware! The budget can increase significantly if you want to go a little more crazy, do not look at the cheapest tickets and support the team that will go through the group stage to the final throughout the World Cup. This means buying tickets for 7 matches, and for the final alone it can be an expense of 16-20 thousand for two people. zloty.

– How to pay in Qatar? First of all, don’t overpay. Rials can be hard to come by in most Polish exchange offices, both stationary and online. Multi-currency cards, preferably from fintechs, seem to be a more convenient solution. They allow not only to carry out transactions in most of the world’s currencies, but also to withdraw cash from ATMs advantageously. It remains to wish the fans to use the cards until the grand finale – says Robert Błaszczyk, director of the strategic client department at

Finally, let us remind you that Qatar is not a country that is well received by the international community. Controversy surrounding the World Cup in Qatar has been piling up since December 2, 2010, when the FIFA Executive Committee entrusted the Emirate with the role of the host of the 2022 tournament. with a per capita income of over 90,000 dollars. Suggestions and later open accusations of corruption in the granting of rights to the organization of the World Cup soon followed.

Even the FBI was investigating. However, it did not lead to a change of host of the World Cup. The Qataris set about preparations with a flourish, and here another wave of indignation was aroused by reports about the terrible working conditions of workers in the construction of stadiums.

The 2022 World Cup in Qatar will be held in eight modern, air-conditioned arenas. Their creation was to cost the lives of many people, primarily immigrants from much poorer countries. How many exactly? Unofficial estimates even say thousands.

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Source From: Gazetakrakowska

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