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Polish Cup. It was a thriller, but Niwa Nowa Wieś kept a cool head, throwing Unia Oświęcim overboard. PICTURES

Niwa Nowa Wieś, the leader of the western group of the 5th league, won the Polish Cup in the Oświęcim subdistrict, defeating the fourth-league Unia Oświęcim. The match played on a neutral pitch in Brzeszcze was thrilling, but fans like it the most. Click on the “view gallery” button and move the photos to the right – press the arrow or the NEXT button.

In the finals in Oświęcim, teams with class differences met. However, there was no difference on the pitch, although the fourth-league Unia was the favourite.

Before the break, either side could have opened the scoring. Among the nowowsians, the leader of the western group of the 5th league, Kamil Jaroś scored a dangerous free kick (16 min). A moment later, Krzysztof Chrapek burst into the penalty area from the left side, but he shot slightly off target near the far post (20 min). Krzysztof Chrapek served Dawid Nycz with a good pass. This action lacked finish (31 min).

Oświęcim should score after a nice action initiated by Martin Kateusz. Although Igor Pawela did not manage to win the duel with Dawid Połopień, but he quickly got the ball, playing it for 10 meters, but Jakub Snadny, having almost the entire empty goal exposed, moved the ball over the crossbar (28 min).

Source From: Gazetakrakowska

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