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Krakow Aeroclub. Krzysztof Wieczorek and Kamil Wieczorek are world champions in rally flying! Michał Wieczorek with silver! Pictures

61-year-old Krzysztof Wieczorek and his son Kamil (both Aero Club of Krakow) became world champions in rally flying! The title of vice-champion of the globe was won by their club mate Michał Wieczorek, who flew in a duo with Marcin Kwiatosz (Warsaw Aero Club). Wieczorkowie and Kwiatosz also reached for gold in the team. XXII Rally World Championships were held in Brits (South Africa).

The results of the third competition, which took place on Wednesday, were delayed due to the protests regarding the landing competition. It turned out that the landing runway laid out at the Kokoriba airport was too narrow and inconsistent with the rules of the competition. Therefore, the organizers annulled the landing score in this competition, which was won by Frenchmen Olivier Riviere and Jerome Jireau (125 penalty points), ahead of Krzysztof and Kamil Wieczorek (150) and the Czechs Petr Jonas and Marek Velat (182).

In the fourth competition, which took place on Thursday, the Krakow duo flew brilliantly, earning only 80 penalty points. They were followed by Michał Wieczorek and Kwiatosz – 175 points, followed by Janusz Darocha (Częstochowa Aero Club) and Zbigniew Chrząszcz (Dolnośląski Aero Club) – 235 points, and Marcin and Joanna Skalikowie (both Częstochowa Aero Club) – 236 points.

Source From: Gazetakrakowska

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