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Salih Uçan: It’s disrespectful to me for not being included in the national team

Salih Uçan, one of the prominent names in Beşiktaş with his performance this season, was not included in the announced candidate squad for the matches played by the national team against Luxembourg and the Faroe Islands.

Salih Uçan spoke for the first time about the decision, which also drew reactions on social media. VOLE Posted on YouTube channel Face-to-face Uçan, who was a guest on the show, shared his experiences and thoughts during the process.

In the program, Salih’s statements on the subject are as follows:


“I am a person who knows the environment of the national team very well. I have been national 70 to 80 times, from the U15s to the national team. I have played the world cup with the national team. I played in the European championship. I was the captain. I also participated in many organizations. I also have awards. In the camp, my personal opinion and clear decision were one hundred percent disrespectful. Let me explain the process I knew I would not go to the national team Let me tell you why Before the national team camps, a secret candidate staff is announced, you will be called for passport procedures or a doctor will be sought. Alanyaspor also in my period. Şenol’s teacher did not invite me to the national team. But I was still in the candidate team. Because the communicators told me were calling saying “Salih, prepare your passports, you can be called.” This time, ri no such thing happened. The team was announced, I was not there. Later one player was injured, 2 players and media commentators said, “Salih was not picked up.” Even though the whole midfielder was injured, I still couldn’t go. It’s a serious disrespect to me not to be among them. I never accept that. I will not respect those who do not respect me. It’s clear to me.”


“What upsets me the most is the decision not to go to the national team. I also play every week, I play in a community like Beşiktaş. I was not able to be among 40 people. Frankly, I can “I don’t accept this disrespect. The more I think about it, the angrier I get, ‘That’s why he didn’t understand’, I didn’t even want to say to myself. I would have liked that Salih Özcan had not been injured, he has not been recalled.

Source: Cumhuriyet

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