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Another… phase in Qatar: World Cup players will be able to see their data and statistics through a special application (pic)

A special application through which they will be able to see the analysis of their statistics will be available to the football players who will compete in the World Cup in Qatar.

The entire football world is counting down to the Qatar World Cup. A World Cup, completely different from the previous ones, and just being held in the middle of November and December makes it special in itself.

Technology, however, is expected to give it yet another difference. Because for the first time in history, the football players who will be “present” in the stadiums of Qatar, will have access to special statistics and data that will exclusively concern them.

As FIFA informed, the footballers of the 32 teams will have the possibility to learn their performance data through a specially designed application, which was essentially “made” by the players themselves with the pressure they exerted together with FIFPRO (international federation professional footballers).

This app will measure all the data and performance data of each football player individually, even giving players the ability to post whatever they want, including photos.

Source: tanea

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