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Iran: Football player shaves his head in support of his country’s women

The symbolic movement that moves

A football player made a symbolic move in Iranin order to support the women of his country.

The uprising of women in Iran continues after what happened with the death of Mahsha Amini.

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The energy that moved

The 29-year-old Iranian football player Zoberi Niknafs posted a video on social media, in which he can be seen shaving his head, an action which was followed by several female protesters both inside Iran and in other cities around the world.

Watch the video:

“Unfortunate incident”

From a visitor in a foreign city, then tortured prisoner, tortured and finally… dead.

Mahsa Amini, shortly before she died

Mahsha Amini let some of her hair show outside her hijab and paid for it with her own life. She was visiting her family in Tehran when she was arrested by special police and taken to prison. Then the young woman fell into a coma and died.

Iranian police only called it an “unfortunate incident”, but activists say Amini suffered a severe blow to the head three days after her arrest.

Source: tanea

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