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Czesław Michniewicz after the match with the Netherlands: It is still a construction site

Czesław Michniewicz answered the questions of TVP Sport. – We expected such a match. The quality of the players from the Netherlands gives them a certain advantage over other teams – said Michniewicz right after the final whistle. The selector referred to the three defenders, who were viewed by many as “entry three for the World Cup”. He also talked about staffing problems and the strength of today’s rivals.

– The Dutch played in a position of three central defenders and two pendants – said Czesław Michniewicz, when asked after the match about Lewandowski’s reaction, when he ran to the White-Reds’ bench. – Just like us. And when the game was played, they switched to a foursome. We were initially pressing on three defenders, then we changed the lineup and Robert asked me how to press now, who should go to press. We changed this line-up to 1-3-5-2 and Robert was supposed to be lined up with Zieliński with the first players to go to press. The three remaining central midfielders were to stay in the middle. And that’s it.

– It is not about his dispositions – Michniewicz replied when asked about the descent of Karol Linetti. – In order to switch to two forwards, we had to take down one of the center midfielders. Grzesiek Krychowiak played a great match and that’s why I decided to take Karol off.

Source From: Gazetakrakowska

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