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Volley: Cruijff, Neeskens and … Left [Felieton]

In a moment, Biało-Czerwoni will play with Orange. I played football in the backyard at a time when the matches of Poland and the Netherlands electrified football in Europe. I was 12 when the third team of the 1974 world championship, i.e. the Poles, took away the world vice-champions – the Dutch at the 4-1 Silesian Stadium. Only that in the rematch it was 0-3 … It was the qualifying round of the European Championship at a time when only four teams played in the European Championships finals, not a few dozen like now. Hence, only one team left the group and they were “Oranje”, not the 1970 world runners-up – Italians – or us.

The Netherlands was in the lead then, because at the next World Cup they played in the final again. She was very unlucky, because she fought for gold at the championships in Germany and at the championships in Argentina with the hosts, and it’s hard to win against the hosts. Although I still remember the last minute of their match against Argentina, in which our kat played, Mario Kempeswho scored two goals (a Kaziu Deyna he didn’t score a penalty …). The Dutch scored in the second post before the end of the match during the draw. If, if, if …
The match at the National Stadium with the Netherlands does not arouse such emotions as almost half many years ago, although it is about points, but maybe it is the complaint of an old bastard who misses his youth and the world where teenagers’ imaginations ruled Włodzimierz Lubański and Johan Cruijff, Andrzej Szarmach and Johan Neeskens. However, the match against the Dutch is important not only because it is about points in the Nations League, but also as a test for the World Cup in Qatar, which will start – o tempora, o mores – in two months in mid-November. I wonder if the exceptional ones – due to the time of play (end of autumn) and the heat of the World Cup will confirm the maxim of the great Dutch footballer, one of the greatest footballers in the history of football, the aforementioned Cruijff, who once said: “Football is a sport in which it is played mind “.

Source From: Gazetakrakowska

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