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Last minute: Arda Turan has announced that he is leaving football!

Arda Turan, whose contract with Galatasaray, for which he last played, has expired, announced that he has ended his career as a professional footballer.

The video in which Arda Turan announced the end of her career was published on Youtube.

“I want to start by telling you a secret. I fell in love with football. Then I threw myself into the streets and the rest came.” Arda Turan, who started with expressions like, talked about his football debut and his career with an emotional expression.

In his farewell football video, Arda Turan also talked about the people he considers very important to him in his career, including his first speech with coach Fatih Terim, and used the following statements:

“I met Fatih Terim on a holiday morning in Florya. Waiting for the party in the basketball hall, as Fatih’s coach approached me, I felt like my heart was going to burst. J I was a small child It was very difficult to describe the love I felt in Galatasaray, one of the most important figures in the riveting of this love someone held out his hand to me: Happy holidays Arda. Maybe my story was not very long, it was 13-14 years old and I had heard my name many times before, but for the first time I couldn’t believe my ears, I was very happy may the greatest football hero of our generation know my name. We went out that day. In fact, he went on this road with Fatih’s teacher. It was long, there were difficult moments, but it was always separate, special. I loved spending time with him and learning from him, life is good when he’s with you.”

Explaining that he wanted to go abroad earning money for the club to pay off his debt to Galatasaray and that he was very happy to be transferred to Atletico Madrid in this way, Arda stressed that he had won one of the toughest league championships. in the history of football there.

Explaining that he is very happy to play in all the games a football player can play at club level, Arda said he had a great time in his career at Barcelona, ​​where he was later transferred .


Arda said every moment spent at Galatasaray was very precious to him and said:

“Life is sometimes just a cycle, to come full circle you return to where you started. Even though there are countless sacrifices you have to make. Every moment in Galatasaray is very precious for me. There will be things that I will hold in my heart, of course, but I have always looked at Galatasaray with love. This game is my Galatasaray “No matter what, it’s me, Arda. Arda, who lives with love, sometimes impulsively, acting on her emotions, always giving everything in her life to win but never hitting below the waist, never cheating. For me, for my mother, for my father, for my brother, my wife. And it’s been an amazing journey for my kids and I hope it’s been for you too.”

Stating that throughout his career he gave his rights to everyone, including those who liked, cherished and hated him, Arda concluded his remarks as follows:

“Because this story should have had it all, and gotten your due. Now it’s time to hang up the boots with tears but courage. As I retire from the pitch, I’m going back to when I thought 3- 1-1 or 2-2-1 at the start of my story Throughout the journey “I tried to do my best. I don’t think I did a bad job. I am ready again, to fight, to win, to lose. Because that’s how we live. Until we find ourselves on the sidelines in football. The game continues.”

Source: Cumhuriyet

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