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Trabzonspor’s championship celebration caused a stir around the world

It was said that the giant championship celebration of Trabzonspor, the champions of the 2021-2022 season in Spor Toto Super League, had a great impact in the world.

Hakan Doğan, the general coordinator of the organization agency AdStation, which organized the burgundy blue club championship celebrations at the Şenol Güneş sports complex on May 14, pointed out that the work for the celebration, which was attended by 45,000 people, started months ago.

Highlighting that the idea, fiction and design phase of the celebration lasted only two months, Doğan said: “The main challenge was the work that was revealed by the race against time after the finalization of the The championship celebrations of Trabzonspor have also been a touchstone as an organization where the traces of the pandemic have been erased Behind this organization, the sport There is a club-agency collaboration that brings out the ideal in itself feeding hundreds of different scenarios and a full team from within.

Doğan pointed out that they designed the celebration of Trabzonspor by looking at the large-scale organizations organized around the world so far and made the following assessment:

“We aimed to create a visual feast using the latest technological infrastructure. The visionary approaches of Trabzonspor management and AdStation founder Muhittin Palazoğlu also allowed us to set up the organization as we imagined it The 500 square meter platform we created for the awards ceremony is also the largest ever in the world It is one of the great platforms. »

Doğan, who also shared information about the company’s work, continued:

“Having the biggest events and celebrations that have taken place on green fields in the last 10 years, we are leading the country in this field and we continue to raise the bar for the combination of sport and entertainment. Champion Fenerbahçe 2014, 2015 and Champion Galatasaray 2019, Başakşehir 2020 and finally by organizing the celebrations of the champion Trabzonspor, we have proven that we are unrivaled in this field in Turkey.Thanks to the successful organizations we have signed in Turkey, we have now started to receive invitations from various parts of the world. We aim to become a global brand in sports organization by bringing our experience in this field outside our country.”

In the statement, it was also noted that the giant championship celebration organized by Trabzonspor in its own domain made a big impression in the world, the materials were transported from Istanbul to the city with 70 trucks and a team of 500 people worked day and night. .

Source: Cumhuriyet

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