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Trabzonspor’s Djaniny: ‘No one wants to wait for a replacement’

Announcing the championship 3 weeks from the end of the Super League, Cabo Verdean striker from Trabzonspor Jorge Djaniny Tavares Semedo made a statement. The 31-year-old striker, who joined the Bleus de Bourgogne squad in 2020 and returned to the brink of separation at the start of the season, has responded to his experiences on the road to separation, the process of staying with the team and transfer allegations. about him.


Trabzonspor coach Abdullah Avci announced last week that defender Vitor Hugo and centre-forward Djaniny Semedo are considering leaving the team at the start of the season. Confirming Coach Avcı’s statements, Djaniny said: “It was a difficult situation for all of us. It’s not an easy situation for me or for the club. Especially when I look at it from my own perspective, I’m a family man and I want my family to always be with me. Because everything becomes easier when you are with family. Your life is more comfortable. You can see that life is easier when you see your family and children with you. What you have heard is true. In the conversation we had with our teacher at the start of the season, I told our teacher that I was thinking of leaving because I only wanted to be with my family. When we all sat down and talked, I decided to stay here.” he said.

“If we didn’t stay home, we could watch sadly”

After speaking with coach Abdullah Avcı, Djaniny said he and Hugo made the right decision by staying in the team, with the championship.Now we see how good my decision to stay was. Thank God we were able to achieve the goal we set ourselves at the start of the season. If we couldn’t achieve that goal, if Vitor or I weren’t there with the team, if we couldn’t have experienced that happiness, believe me, we could watch them at home, quite sadly. Football is like that. Football is a game of risk and in football you have to make decisions and take risks. I made such a decision because I believed and trusted, and I’m happy with my decision. We already see how happy everyone is.” mentioned.


Speaking about the transfer allegations against him, Djaniny said: “In fact, it’s a bit early for me to give a definitive answer to this question. I still have a year of contract with Trabzonspor. Future offers are of course possible. These are things to consider and sit down and talk about. If I stay here, of course, I will continue to play. Of course, these offers can be evaluated if I have to go, but the priority is to spend time with our family after a long and tiring season, to go on vacation with them. Then decide based on the offers and situations to be discussed.” he said.


Djaniny, the striker who played for Trabzonspor for less time this season compared to the previous season, said he expects to wear more uniforms if he is in the team next season.Of course, all footballers want to play. No one wants to wait on the bench. Everyone wants to be on the pitch in every game. Whoever you ask will give the same answer. I am also such a player. People who know me, my relatives, my family, all my friends know what kind of person I am and that I want to play in all matches. However, you should always respect your friend who plays for you or the teacher who decides whether to play you or not. Football is such a game. When you step onto the pitch, you have to do your best. I try to do that too. When I play I try to do my best and always be supportive whether I’m at the club or not. No matter who you ask, everyone will say they want to play. As long as I’m on the pitch, I always try to help the team.” mentioned.

Source: Cumhuriyet

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