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The rain of praise for Arda Güler continues!

Erol Tokgözler, who was the first coach of Arda Güler, who made his first professional match at the age of 16 wearing a dark yellow-blue jersey and caught the attention of the football public, especially with his performance in the last two matches, made a statement at the age of 9 in Gençlerbirliği.

Emphasizing that the young footballer is a product of the Gençlerbirliği infrastructure, Tokgözler explained Arda’s discovery process as follows:

“Arda is a product of Gençlerbirliği infrastructure. Every infrastructure trainer here has hard work. We had a teacher from Mahmut in Arda’s school in Eryaman, we got to know Arda when he brought it to us sent. We tried him in the football school and saw that the boy was ready. He was transferred to the age groups and got his license right away. Arda knows the principles of football very well. He is a special player in terms of the region he plays in. He thinks 3-4 moves earlier than normal players think. Arda came with such a talent. This ability is the reason why he is not stayed in Gençlerbirliği for a long time. I’m in Fenerbahçe, I don’t think it will last long. The beginning of the film started well, we wonder if it will end well.”

Stating that Serhat Pekmezci, who works in Fenerbahçe’s infrastructure, brought Arda to the yellow-dark blue club, Erol Tokgözler said: “We had a match with Osmanlıspor in Keçiören. He watched Arda there. He reports Arda at the club, the event is up to Ali Koç. The last day of the transfer was a Wednesday, and the managers told me: “I need a license from Mr. Arda. They said. So As we were making a game plan for the weekend, Arda was transferred to Fenerbahçe.

During Arda Güler’s transfer, Tokgözler asked Sezai Yıldırım, who was the infrastructure manager at the time, “What is the player worth?” He continued his remarks as follows:

“Of course we hadn’t thought of that until then because we had no intention of sending the player. We knew such talent would not come easily. ‘Don’t give him less than a trillion.’ we said, ‘Do you know what a trillion is?’ “As far as I know, it was understood that 200,000 lira in advance and 200,000 lira after his first professional game. I can’t predict how much it will be charged at this time. There are two things we don’t know, one is the limit of Arda’s potential, and the other is how much money he will make.”


Stating that he followed Arda Güler’s first match with Fenerbahce at 11 with great enthusiasm last week, Tokgözler said:

“There are players who played well for two or three matches and then disappeared. For example, there was a Muhammed Demirci project in Beşiktaş. Despite all the investments, it turned out to be negative. The biggest advantage of Arda is that he is a very decent person off the pitch. I met his father after Hatayspor’s last game. Arda, “After the game he put his phone aside and played PlayStation at home with a friend from his under-19 team. I texted him after the game, he even texted me back the next day. Arda is a footballer who knows how to manage his excitement.

Saying that he is also a physical education teacher, Tokgözler said: “I told my students about Arda at school. ‘Let’s talk to brother Arda.’ They said. Now he has come to the position of ‘brother Arda’. “Even that shows what a decent lad he is. I hope his path will be clear. I don’t remember what I was doing when I was 16. Arda’s biggest advantage is that he handled the process with his family. Fenerbahce did a very good job and took his family to Istanbul. He got a job for his father.” “Arda is studying at Fenerbahce College. I hope he will be fine. We can’t wait to applaud Arda.” he said.


Speaking about Arda Güler’s love for Fenerbahçe, Tokgözler said: “It’s not easy to decide to leave a club. Especially for this age group. His father Ümit Bey, we always see each other, he m called and said, ‘Hodja, let’s go have a cup of tea.’ He said that Arda was wanted by Fenerbahce I knew Arda’s dream to play at Fenerbahce and told him the importance of paving the way for us The boy was born Fenerbahce Alex is a fan he is a special child.” made his assessment.

Highlighting that Fenerbahçe footballer İrfan Can Kahveci is also its first coach, Tokgözler said: “It is a great pleasure for me to see their success on TV. There is nothing that Arda cannot achieve if he is doing well off the pitch. He is now a well-known player in the world in the transfer market. Arda is also It was the Gençlerbirliği club that brought Turkish football into the game. No matter how much they play at Fenerbahçe, these children are Gençlerli İrfan, Gençlerli Arda. They were brought up in the culture of this place. It is another world. The attitude of the children who enter here is different. We used to recruit children from ‘other clubs in the infrastructure, but it’s the first time we’ve sent at this age. Our football player was Arda.” he expressed his point of view.


Erol Tokgözler spoke about Arda’s abilities as follows:

“The ball is like a part of Arda’s body. He is a very comfortable player. We coaches sometimes lose the player to win the game. However, the game is temporary, the player is permanent. I wish that ‘Arda do his best. . Arda just turned 17. In fact, the ball is like a part of Arda’s body. Internationally, the age of 17 is normal. We call it young because only experienced players play in our league. We have a league where the coaches intend to secure. I am very much like Sergen Yalçın because of his comfort in the game. We haven’t seen anything yet, the failure of Arda. We will see them too. There are good and bad days in football. He is still a child. Even my life changed in a few days with interviews on Arda, think about it. I believe that Arda will be the best, the most famous and the most talented Turkish football player of all time. It will be enough for Arda to become a great football player to maintain his current good situation off the pitch.”

Source: Cumhuriyet

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