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A neighbor who stabbed a scientist in Golitsyn terrorized him for more than a year

The offender tried to cut the wires in the entrance, and then attacked the father of the family

New details of the brutal murder in Golitsyn were revealed, where a young man dealt with an employee of the laboratory of a concern for the production of radio engineering. A man who stabbed a 60-year-old neighbor terrorized his family for more than a year.

As the son of the deceased told MK, the 26-year-old killer periodically did dirty tricks on them – either paint over the door with paint, ruin the peephole, or break the bottle on the jamb. The electrical panel suffered the most from the neighbor: the villain broke it several times, set it on fire and cut the wires.

The killer constantly asked to call a certain girl who allegedly lived in the apartment of a researcher. The explanation that there was no girl here had no effect on the man, and he continued to torment the tenants. Late in the evening of January 21, the villain again tried to cut the wires. The neighbor came out of the apartment and grabbed his hand, but the vandal broke free and tried to escape, and when the man overtook him, he stabbed the unfortunate man several times with a knife. After that, the criminal ran out into the street in one T-shirt and tights and disappeared.

Other residents also suffered from the young man – he periodically organized pogroms in the entrance and in his apartment. The guy did not work anywhere, he was interrupted by odd jobs, although after school he entered the budget department of one of the country’s prestigious universities. But after the first year, the young man was expelled for theft: he stole about a thousand rubles from a store. Parents, unable to get along with him under the same roof, moved to live in the country, and the blockhead was left alone.

The suspect has now been put on the wanted list.

Source From: MK

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