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CHP Special: We will say ‘yes’ to the lifting of HDP’s Güzel’s immunity

CHP Special, held a press conference in the Parliament. Special, in his song Hz. Eve and St. Reacting to the group that made a statement in front of Sezen Aksu’s house, against whom a criminal complaint was made because of the words directed at Jesus, “Süleyman Soylu used the following expression: ‘We adopt a deliberative approach, not a harsh intervention in social events.’ You ensure the safety of those gathered in front of Sezen Aksu’s house at nightfall. Who are they? Black shirts? Who are they threatening on whose behalf?” said.

‘SEZEN IS threatening AKSU’

Special reminding that Sezen Aksu’s song was composed in 2017, “Those who frothed the song in 2022, it’s called raising the flag of fascism. It’s called raising the flag of fascism. It’s called uncommitted crimes as if they were committed against religion and organizing hatred. This is trying to suppress the fire in the street with religious abuse. We are not afraid of Soylu. We are not afraid of the National Survival Movement. Melike Hatun Mosque Imam Halil Konakçı is preaching in the mosque and there is applause. No one will say anything if he preaches religion, religious culture, preaches in accordance with religion and Islam. He is targeting Sezen Aksu and says ‘sharia must come’. Sezen Aksu openly He threatened me in another mosque 2 weeks ago. Sezen Aksu supported the referendum in 2010, but did not support it in 2016. She is threatened because she is not in line with them.” used the phrase.


Reminding that the immunity report of HDP Diyarbakır MP Semra Güzel, whose photos were revealed with the private, killed PKK terrorist, will be discussed in the mixed commission tomorrow, “HDP’s Semra Güzel made a big mistake. She touched a terrorist when the President said ‘don’t touch’ the governors, district governors and regimental commanders. This is not forgivable. “We will vote ‘yes’ to lift the immunity of this file, so that the investigation can proceed, that this is not compatible with being a member of parliament,” he said. said.

Source: Cumhuriyet

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