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Chelyabinsk student blew up a homemade bomb at school

A student from a school in the village of Poletaevo in the Sosnovsky district of the Chelyabinsk region brought six homemade bombs to the school. He decided to test one of them in an educational institution.

A law enforcement source told URA.RU that eyewitnesses heard a pop that looked like a pyrotechnic explosion.

“After cotton, the territory of the school was surveyed. A used homemade pyrotechnic product was found, ”said the source of the publication.

Officers interviewed witnesses and reviewed video footage. They found out that the cotton was produced by one of the eighth graders. Moreover, he bought materials for his bombs in an ordinary hardware store. The boy lives in a prosperous family.

The school was not evacuated. Five more unused bombs were confiscated from the young sapper.

According to the portal, the teenager tried to throw a bomb at the third floor window, but it exploded on approach. The outrageous was calculated and “surrendered” to the police by children. Now he is under interrogation.

Users of social networks noted that it is not necessary to make a terrorist out of a juvenile hooligan.

“We must flog the bastard and let him go home,” they suggested.

Earlier, several teenagers were detained in Krasnoyarsk, who, for fun, sent messages about mining to schools, kindergartens and other institutions.

Source From: MK

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