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In Krasnoyarsk, teenagers were detained for “mining” schools and kindergartens

The police in Krasnoyarsk detained several schoolchildren who sent messages about mining to schools, kindergartens and other institutions. The teenagers explained that they did it for the sake of a joke.

“The police detained several schoolchildren who sent letters to schools, kindergartens and other facilities about alleged mining. As they themselves explained, they did it for the sake of a joke, ”a police source said.

According to law enforcement officers, the detained schoolchildren sent such messages not only to the Krasnoyarsk Territory, but also to other Russian regions. Recently, a wave of “mining” has swept across Russia. Mostly such letters come to educational institutions and other administrative buildings.

According to the telegram channel Baza, the situation in Krasnoyarsk has become so difficult in recent days that the local government decided to abandon the evacuations and instead put educational institutions under round-the-clock protection of the police and the National Guard.

Schoolchildren were identified by their email address – probably at some point they made a mistake and sent the letter not through VPN. Now employees of the Center for Combating Extremism are working with teenagers.

Source From: MK

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