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The farmer who voted for the AKP hit his head on the walls

CHP Adana Deputy Muzeyyen Sevkinvisited the farmers in the Salbaş neighborhood of Adana’s Karaisalı district and listened to their problems.

A farmer, who told Şevkin about the problems they experienced, complained about the cost increases. Saying that he voted for AKP, the farmer banged his head against the wall and said,Now I’m banging my head against the wall asking why I voted for them. How did I go after them? I wouldn’t make you talk” he said.

“HUNGER BEGINS, Famine starts”

A young farmer said, “The AK Party has been in power for 20 years and has not given the slightest support to the farmer. He always put the farmer in the last place. 14 TL, which has become diesel, has already made the farmer smoke with diesel and fertilizer. The farmer is playing the bits now. God bless our end. There is no support from the state. A raise on a raise. In this country, the farmer suffers the hardest blow. If the farmer also ends, famine begins in the country, hunger begins,” he said.


Another farmer said,I voted for the AKP for three terms. Now I’m banging my head against the wall. I’m selling my tractor to pay off my debts. I take a loan from the bank with interest and buy a tractor again. Everything you talk about is a lie, including the President. We sow, we reap, we don’t have a penny. When we say debt, interest, fertilizer, we can’t get out of the business. We will either sell our house or sell our field. In order to turn the wheel, to pay our debts, we sell our tractor and buy a tractor again with bank interest.” he said.


Pointing out that the state should give 1 percent of the gross national product to the farmer, Müzeyyen Şevkin said, “After a year, the farmer will know what to plant, what to produce, what to earn. The state has to do this planning. If everyone plants potatoes the next year because potatoes made money this year, it falls to zero. It is the same with lemon, watermelon and cotton. The state will say, ‘Cotton grows well in these lands, you plant cotton, you plant corn, you plant tobacco’. We will plan. This is what should happen. When the farmer produces the product, it will not remain in his hands. It will be marketed. The farmer’s right will be paid by putting it on the profit margin,” he said.

Source: Cumhuriyet

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