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CHP’s Başarir came out hard on the loan given to Demirören: ‘The biggest robbery of this century’

CHP Mersin Deputy Ali Mahir Basarir made a speech on the CHP’s group proposal, the failure to pay the loan that Ziraat Bank gave Demirören Group for the sale of Doğan Media Group, and the silence of the authorities.

Stating that AKP and MHP deputies got angry when they used words such as robbery, plunder and corruption from the parliamentary rostrum, CHP’s Başarir said, “Look, this loan taken by Demirören Group in Ziraat Bank is one of the biggest robberies of the century in my opinion.”


Stating that Ziraat Bank was a bank that was established for farmers during the reign of Abdulhamid II, 159 years ago, CHP’s Basaririr said, “Let’s see how this bank is, what situation you brought this bank into, how this bank’s loans are given and how they are not collected. . In the 2020 Court of Accounts Report, 198 pages are reserved for Ziraat Bank. Pages 80 and 85 of this report are devoted to Demirören Group. Dear friends, Demirören Group made an agreement for 916 million dollars in 2018 to acquire Doğan Medya, and as it is known, it does not receive 750 million dollars of this money, but 850 million dollars as a loan from Ziraat Bank. In addition to this loan, Demirören Group has a separate debt of 930 million TL to Ziraat Bank. This is a 2 year non-refundable loan and it has to put in cash capital of 150 million dollars within 3 years. There is a company that did not do any of these at the end of 3 years. Now I am asking you, Ziraat Bank, from here. With what right does the farmer’s, peasant’s, pensioner’s, nation’s bank give credit to this man? With what right does Ziraat Bank not issue a single warning so far? By what right does he not shoot a single message? By what right does it not default?” said.


Stating that if Ziraat Bank defaults on the Demirören Group in December 2021 and carries out enforcement proceedings, the Demirören Group will now owe 30 quadrillion with the old money, and said, “This is our money! Still no action. The Republican People’s Party Group does not say this, it says the Court of Accounts. The Court of Accounts says: Demirören says that Ziraat Bank was hit by 850 million dollars and there is not a single investigation. We are filing a criminal complaint and Demirören Group is filing a criminal complaint against us. What is it? We have violated the moral rights of the company. If you think about the moral rights of your company, you pay the farmer’s money. This is something to be truly ashamed of. If a pensioner today, a farmer today, an officer today takes a loan from Ziraat Bank, if he does not pay for 2 months, his salary will be foreclosed. There is a lien on the farmer’s tractor and field,” he said.


Asking what the nature of the Demirören Group is, CHP’s Ali Mahir Basarir said, “If you say that, the palace bought the Doğan Media Group, if you say that the Demirören Group is an intermediary, we will discuss it separately. Because this man has not paid a single penny of the loan he has taken for 4 years. Are you a partner in the bank bro? According to the report of the Court of Accounts, Demirören Group accounts for 20% of Ziraat Bank’s credit risk. That’s right, I look at Hürriyet, I look at other media groups, and it’s like the publication of the palace in the morning and evening. In other words, did the President get Ziraat Bank to use Ziraat Bank’s loan to establish his own publication and have that man take it? I think so, but isn’t it a pity? I’m asking you. I’m asking you, don’t you regret it? I am 30 quadrillion coins in old money. This is our money, the farmer’s money, the peasant’s money, the pensioner’s money. Isn’t it a pity? Who is this Demirören?” used the phrases.


Stating that this incident should be investigated, Başarr from CHP said:

“I’ve filed a criminal complaint, I’m sure dark hands will make a decision not to prosecute. You will say no to this proposal. Well, if the judiciary does not investigate this robbery, what will these people do if the parliament does not? You will either say yes to the robbery or ask for it to be investigated. This is your debt to the citizens, this is your citizenship debt, this is your attorneyship debt. The man is shameless because I have filed a criminal complaint, and he is also filing a criminal complaint against me. This is an irregularity detected by the Court of Accounts. The Court of Accounts says that he took a loan with fake collateral. All of you should blush on behalf of the farmer, the pensioner.”


“Dear friends, I wonder since when has the crime of bank fraud become a trade secret. I took a promise to protect Ziraat Bank’s personality, let alone defame Ziraat Bank’s personality. While this Demirören was taking the loan, he gave the land in the sports area and green area to Ziraat Bank as a zoned land as a guarantee. Later it turned out that this is a green area. So what did you do? Your minister has issued zoning in one night. Who canceled? The Council of State canceled it and said no, this is green space. So, what did Ziraat Bank that you defend today do? He filed a lawsuit against the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality asking why you don’t give development here. Those who brought Ziraat Bank to this situation should be ashamed. Shame on those who donated Ziraat Bank’s money to that gentleman. Those who made Ziraat Bank a bank that is incapable of following billions of money should be ashamed. I am not saying this, the Court of Accounts is saying it. Then go sue the Court of Accounts, ma’am. The Court of Accounts says that he used illegal loans. The Court of Accounts says: Although this loan was illegal, it was not followed up. You will buy Doğan Media with my money and have Hürriyet imam Abdülkadir Selvi write an article there? Is that so? Shame on you!”

Source: Cumhuriyet

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