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Khazin: there is a more serious threat to the United States than military bases in Cuba

Russia has far more effective threats to the US than bases in Latin America or Cuba. Moscow is not interested in American military bases in Europe, but in the entire infrastructure of the North Atlantic alliance as a whole. The same principle is followed in the military bloc.

This was stated by economist Mikhail Khazin on the YouTube channel “Law and Order in the USA”.

“What is a military base? This is a point on the map that can be entered into the coordinates of the missiles. Any base on earth is destroyed very quickly. The Americans don’t care militarily about this base, just like Russia doesn’t care about bases in Poland or Romania,” the economist said.

He is confident that Russia has long been ready for a symmetrical response. We are talking about strategic submarines that are able to stay off the coast of the United States for a long time. They can deliver a devastating blow to any target in the United States at any time. Khazin expressed confidence that Washington is very afraid of this.

The other day there were reports that the Russian submarine Borey, capable of carrying 160 nuclear warheads, was spotted off the coast of the United States.

According to TV presenter and publicist Dmitry Kulikov, Washington has nothing to oppose to Russia in several areas of weapons at once. For example, intercontinental hypersonic weapons “Zircon” and “Dagger”. They will “turn to ashes” and “cover with a copper basin” the entire US missile defense.

Source From: MK

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