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Putin was attacked by “Brother-2”: why the German Chancellor became a fan of Danila Bagrov

What truth was forgotten by the politicians of the West and Russia

Your deeds are wonderful, Lord! Not noticed until now in a particularly close acquaintance with Russian culture, the new chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany, Olaf Scholz, suddenly spoke with quotes from the cult film “Brother-2”. Speaking online at the World Economic Forum in Davos, the new head of the German government said: “Russia should recognize that “strength is in truth, and not vice versa.” Well done friend Olaf! Offset!

Frau Merkel studied Russian at school in the GDR, but Herr Scholz, who grew up in the bourgeois comfort of the FRG, pleased us with allusions. However, don’t we hit the sky with our delights? The English wording right makes might used by the German Chancellor is not only the equivalent of Danila Bagrov’s words, but also a verbatim quote from the famous speech of the future US President Abraham Lincoln in 1860.

But this is a matter of philosophy. And the truth is, as you know, everyone has their own. Here, for example, is the “truth” from British Defense Secretary Ben Wallace, as he stated in an article in The Times newspaper: the father of the Russian fleet is the Scot Samuel Greig. How ignorant we are, however! We naively considered Peter I the father of our Navy, but Ben Wallace came and “discovered America for us”!

However, let’s not judge the British minister too harshly. Here is the “truth” from Canada’s new Foreign Minister Melanie Joly: “Nearly 4,500 Ukrainian soldiers died in the war against Russia on the Eastern Front. Visiting the Wall of Remembrance in Kiev is a reminder of why we must support Ukraine, its people and its sovereignty.” Support like – uplifting tweets on the Internet and arms shipments? I fully admit that by kneeling in front of this very Wall of Remembrance in Kiev, Madam Minister just wanted to suck up to the large and politically very influential Ukrainian diaspora in Canada. But in fact, such statements are setting Ukrainians against Russians and Russians against Ukrainians.

When Hitler attacked the USSR on June 22, 1941, the future US President, and then Senator Harry Truman, reacted to it like this: “If we see that Germany is winning, we must help Russia, and if Russia is winning, we must help Germany. Let them kill each other in as many numbers as possible!” Such open cynicism is out of fashion in the West today. However, is hidden cynicism much better than open?

But the main meaning of this text is not to attack someone else’s truth and not to defend one’s own. Having spoken from the position of a person who cares about the national interests of his country and passionately wishes her success in the current confrontation with the West, I now want to speak from the position of a layman who knows history well.

In 2022, Russia and China, acting individually as part of a strategic partnership, stand up to the West. In 1952, the USSR and the PRC also opposed the West together – on the battlefield (or in our case – in the air) of the Korean War. And in 1982, China, in conjunction with the West, with the help of secret arms supplies, helped Afghan spooks to kill as many Russians and Ukrainians as possible from the “limited contingent” of Soviet troops on the territory of this country. “Friendly” now Russia Iran, by the way, then did the same thing. The question is: can we predict what the disposition of forces and sides will look like in 30, 40, 50 or 70 years?

And history also shows that many of the political fights, which at one time seemed vital and fateful, over time are perceived as a real misunderstanding. In an attempt to prevent the unification of Vietnam under the rule of the Communist Party, the US lost over 58,000 of its soldiers and killed countless Vietnamese. The Vietnamese Communist Party eventually won anyway – and after a while became a reliable political partner of America.

Competing under Stalin and Khrushchev for control of Berlin, the USSR and the US teetered on the brink of a full-scale military confrontation several times. Today Berlin is again controlled by the Germans themselves. And this does not seem strange or unnatural to us or Americans.

Where exactly am I going? Not to the point, of course, that Russia should abandon its categorical rejection of further NATO expansion. I lead to the fact that when you see trees, you must not forget that they form a forest. It is impossible to act only in the logic of momentary confrontation. We must constantly keep in mind the overall picture and remember that a war in Europe will be bad for everyone living there. “I am sure that there is no risk of a full-scale war that could unfold in Europe or somewhere else,” Lavrov’s deputy Sergey Ryabkov, having made this statement the other day at the Valdai Club site, made me very happy. I really want this to be true. There is power in this truth.


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