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In the United States proposed to “neutralize” Ukraine as Austria

The author of the idea was accused of pro-Russian views

It is unprofitable for America to participate in the conflict on the territory of Ukraine, whether it be a confrontation with proxies or, even worse, with Russian troops, says American columnist Katrina Vanden Heuvel. A mutually acceptable solution could be the “neutralization” of Ukraine along the lines of Austria, that is, giving it a neutral, non-bloc status. Heuvel wrote about this in The Washington Post.

“What is happening within the framework of the Ukrainian crisis is called “madness” in diplomatic language,” Katrina begins not even for health, but immediately after her repose. Then there are the standard accusations of Russia and the story about “100 thousand soldiers on the border with Ukraine.” But then Heuwel switches to the US. In her opinion, Washington is doing the wrong thing at all.

“Against the backdrop of the challenges of the pandemic, the growing economic stratification of the population, deep racial divisions, catastrophic climate change and the power rivalry of the American administration with China, America still lacked a war with proxies or, for good, directly with Russia in Ukraine,” she writes.

According to her, President Biden, despite his statements that now is “time for diplomacy”, is assembling a national security team from some clowns whose activities have led to a series of failures in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Yemen, etc. .d.

The United States is conducting failed diplomacy, as it has played the role of a superpower that always pushes through its decision, Heuwel said. What else to expect from a country that has more military bases abroad than the number of diplomatic missions, and economic sanctions imposed on a bunch of countries from Venezuela to Russia?

She calls the US Deputy Secretary of State Wendy Sherman’s statement about the unacceptability of Russia’s demands not to accept Georgia and Ukraine into NATO as ridiculous. The policy of the three previous US presidents made it clear to the whole world that no one is going to fight for Ukraine.

And this is a chance for President Biden to finally show a modicum of diplomacy. A solution is given in the 1950s, when Austria, occupied by Soviet and Western troops, realizing that it was just a bargaining chip in other people’s games, chose permanent neutrality in exchange for de-occupation.

“For Ukraine, our European allies, and for ourselves, this alternative sounds much better than fighting the Russians to the last Ukrainian,” Katrin writes. And that will require a tough compromise. The Russians guarantee the independence of Ukraine and refuse threatening military maneuvers on their territory. The US is closing the issue with NATO. Ukraine carries out its federalization and gives guarantees to its Russian-speaking residents.”

Such a decision will allow both leaders – Biden and Putin – to save face in front of the voter, Katrina believes.

Malicious commentators on social networks were not long in coming.

The Lamdo user turned out to be radical: “Putin must be stopped at any cost. If we surrender Ukraine, Xi will attack Taiwan and chop it off. Next, Kim Jong-un will go to South Korea.”

A user with the nickname sword1001 called Katrina and her husband “Russian trolls”. Cleveland Doug wrote with undisguised disgust that “this reads like Kremlin propaganda.” Manray saw a capitalist conspiracy in history: “The economy needs war. Manufacturers, that is.

Far East LA was very reserved compared to the rest: “I don’t agree with the author, but I’m also not interested in getting into a position that will prove him right.”


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