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Hüseyin Baş: Let me be in power, I will bring trillions of dollars into Turkey

Hüseyin Baş, Chairman of the Independent Turkey Party (BTP), answered questions about the country’s agenda in a TV program. Baş explained how he would raise the minimum wage to 10 thousand liras.

Baş said, “I will take back these privatizations one by one. The losses from the privatizations I have listed here are close to trillions of dollars, hundreds of billions of dollars. It means raising the level of all minimum wage earners to 10 thousand liras for maybe 30 years.”

Hüseyin Baş said:

“For example, Sümer Holding, which we call Sümerbank, used to produce textiles. It is one of my projects; you say to a child, ‘Go to school,’ in winter. In Anatolia or Istanbul, parents have no money to buy coats. How will this child go to school? Education is a service that the state should provide. Doesn’t the state have to provide the conditions that make up education? I will give you a coat and a boot. This means a coat factory and a boat factory. These mean employment, employment means production, production means growth, growth means exports. Turkey produces dozens of world brands. Sümer Holding was doing this job. Now Everything has been sold. Be sure, this crisis would not have happened if we had 10 more Sümerbanks, we would have experienced this crisis in 2030. But what happened today is that nothing is happening today. They did not leave the country and therefore left the country in a stalemate today.


When you think that any opposition party has come to power today, the only thing it can do within the liberal perspective will be to destroy certain resources and gains of the state. This is not malicious intent, there is no other known economic program. We have a fundamental difference here. The model we call the National Economy Model is a model that has been accepted in many countries around the world, endorsed by many economists around the world, and said ‘it should be implemented’. We have it. In the light of this model, I solve this economy. I can provide my citizen with a living wage.


We say, ‘The minimum wage will be 10 thousand liras’. They look at us laughing. I say, ‘Does the employer pay 4 thousand 250 liras of this today, its tax etc.? 1,000-odd lira. What comes out of your employer’s pocket, about 5.5 thousand liras. Did he accept this? Okay, you give the same, I will complete it as a state. How will you give it, where will you give it? I will revert these customizations one by one. Losses from the privatizations I have listed here are close to trillions of dollars, hundreds of billions of dollars. Do you know what hundreds of billions of dollars mean? Maybe it means raising the level of all minimum wage earners to 10 thousand liras for 30 years.


Now there are certain precious metals and products on speculative markets around the world. For example, gold, platinum, silver, copper, cocoa, coffee, etc. has. Value is added to them with buying and selling. For example, the price of an ounce of gold is $ 1,800, but what is the cost of mining gold? The cost of mining gold is about $120. The product, which was increased to 120 dollars, is 1800 dollars. Why? The value of this is played with in speculative markets. When we say the country with the most gold reserves, we come across England and the USA. Let’s give another example; oil. The selling price of oil today is around $80, but the cost of extraction is $6.5. So why is there no boron in speculative markets, why is there no thorium, why is there no hazelnuts, why is there no tea, for example? If I become the government, I will bring trillions of dollars into Turkey only in this way. I will say, ‘From now on, boron, thorium, tea, hazelnut are on speculative exchanges…’ I know hazelnuts well. It is our product. Everything belongs to me, but they set the price in Hamburg, the chocolate industry determines it because its stock market is there.”

Source: Cumhuriyet

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