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Civil Rights Association: We condemn the extrajudicial execution of Metin Kazancı

AKP’s Mehmet Metiner wrote in Yeni Şafak. “Who are you anyway, where does your privilege come from, Mr. Professor?” Working at Ankara University, Faculty of Political Sciences, Prof. Dr. Metin Kazancı’s statement to a student wearing a headscarf during the lesson. “Why is the veil on your head obligatory, why are you wearing it?” He claimed that he was insulting.

After Metiner’s allegations prof. Dr. Text GainWhile a lynching campaign was carried out on social media, his lectures at the university were cancelled.

Upon this decision, which drew a reaction about Kazancı, a statement came from the Mulkiyeliler Union. In the statement, “Ankara University administration, a person who trumpeted the political power, Prof. Dr. His article targeting Metin Kazancı has justified the cancellation of our teacher’s lectures.” It was stated that Kazancı was neither given the right of defense nor was he allowed to clarify the allegations.

Here is the full statement:

“Universities in Turkey have been trying to survive under intense control and pressure for a long time. Universities, which should be places of democracy, critical thinking, academic freedom and free discussion, are subject to unlawful disciplinary mechanisms, whistleblowing practices, direct dismissal, non-renewal or dismissal of contracts. takes place in its applications.

Unfortunately, the last example of this situation was experienced in Ankara University Faculty of Political Sciences. Our member and teacher Prof. Dr. Due to the alleged dialogue that Metin Kazancı had with a student wearing a headscarf in his lecture, the Ankara University administration carried out an investigation, ignoring the right of defense, and exhibiting the practice of extrajudicial execution by Prof. Dr. He announced that he prevented Metin Kazancı from giving lectures.

In the announcement published on the university’s website, it was stated, “We respectfully announce to the public that no unit of our university will be allowed to discuss the clothing preferences and opinions of our students and employees.”

However, universities should be places where all kinds of ideas can be freely discussed in a peaceful and democratic environment at the expense of disturbing large sections of the society, especially the political power. Of course, this freedom should be used without including hate crimes, marginalization, sexism and racism. But the real problem starts right here!

Because the Ankara University administration, a person who trumpeted the political power, Prof. Dr. He used his article targeting Metin Kazancı as a reason for our teacher’s teaching to be cancelled. He was neither given the right of defense nor was he given the opportunity to clarify the allegations.

However, the same university administration follows a management process that encourages those who stalk the faculties with a knife, hinder the education life and threaten the life safety of students and academicians.

When both situations are evaluated together, it is revealed once again how the Ankara University administration can devalue the effort of a faculty member with a political and arbitrary decision.

After this incident, it is obvious that university lecturers will not feel free under the pressure of “informing”! It is also clear that the fact that an academic has to question how much the discussion topics in his lecture will touch the nerves of both the political power and the university administration, which actors will be the target of backing up to power, which student can report him, is also incompatible with the principles that make a university a university.

As the Mülkiyeliler Derneği, we know very well that university administrators, who owe their positions to the political power, do not have a problem with the university and are trying to win the favor of the political power. However, we know one fact very well: These virtues of those who think that they are acting as administrators with injustice, lawlessness, slander, whistleblowing and political interests will never let them go!

For this reason, our member and teacher Prof. Dr. We condemn the extrajudicial execution, lynching and withdrawal of Metin Kazancı from his classes! We want the Faculty of Political Sciences to know that we are making great efforts and will show great efforts so that we can preserve our differences and regain a critical, democratic, libertarian and egalitarian learning climate.

Board of Directors”

Source: Cumhuriyet

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