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Marius Csampar, serial criminal released on parole, at sea at the expense of Balotești City Hall: “I went to rehabilitate myself”

One of Romania’s most violent serial criminals, Marius Csampar, was paroled from prison in 2020, after serving 22 years of the 99 prison sentence he was sentenced to. He sadistically killed six people between 1994 and 1997, and after his release he worked at the Balotești City Hall, on whose money he now went on holiday to the sea, writes Digi 24.

After beheading an acquaintance in a heating duct, because he had threatened to tell the police about the thefts he was committing, Csampar committed five more murders, and after he was caught, he recounted them all in detail. His victims had been killed in a sadistic manner. He received 99 years in prison, the maximum sentence at the time he was convicted. In 2020, the Mehedinti Court released him on parole.

Csampar returned to Balotești, where he was employed at the town hall, in the ADP service. He went with a group of locals, through a program of the town hall, on vacation to the sea. Thus, those who signed up on the list benefited from a vacation paid for by taxpayers’ money. The mayor of the commune says that he did not know that the man was released on parole.

Cristian Pretorian, the mayor of the Balotești commune, told the cited source: “If I told him, sir, you are not allowed, although I did not know that he had signed up in the respective list to go to the sea, you are not allowed to go to the sea , Yes? Ma’am, what was his reaction? Wasn’t a feeling of nervousness and revenge rising inside him?’

Csampar posted on his TikTok account, where he has 100,000 followers and 322,000 likes, several videos and photos of him on the Coast.

“Did I go to relax, or am I not allowed? I do not understand. For the world that does not know, apart from the fact that I went to the sea to relax and socialize, to rehabilitate myself, that this is part of my rehabilitation that I impose on myself as rehabilitation and socialization. So my life is very well organized, by me, by the mayor’s office, by the police,” said Csampar.

The man also benefits from rent money from the town hall. “There is a rented space for him. Ma’am, it’s provided by, uh… the town hall,” said the Pretorian mayor.

The law allows him to work or take certain courses, but under police supervision. He is also not allowed to leave the country.

In a live on TikTok, Csampar announced that he was in Eforie, through a program of the Balotești City Hall: “I was there for a day last week and now again. The town hall takes us too. From morning to night,” he said.

The comments were not long in coming and his followers wrote: “We wish you a killer holiday”, “You look killer good”, “Stop being mad you just didn’t kill anyone”, “The pictures are killer”, ” You are mortal, Marius”.

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Source From: Libertatea

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