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SOCIAL VOUCHERS 2022. The announcement made by the authorities, expected by 2.6 million Romanians

A new tranche of beneficiaries will receive social vouchers worth 250 lei by the beginning of September, the authorities announce. During the same period, vouchers will also include the money with which people can buy food.

150,000 new beneficiaries will receive the social vouchers they are entitled to this autumn by September 3, informs the Ministry of European Funds, in a press release. They join the 2,480,613 who have already received these vouchers.

According to the institution, on September 8, all valid cards will be loaded with the second of the 4 installments worth 250 lei each for the purchase of food and hot meals.

Social vouchers reached the people included in the first stage

MIPE claims that the issuance and distribution of the cards related to the first stage of the “Support for Romania” Program, on which social aid is loaded in four installments of 250 lei each, has ended, and this will be verified by the representatives of the Romanian Post Office.

“If there are people who are not sure that they are on the list of eligible beneficiaries, we note that questions regarding this aspect should be addressed to the Ministry of Labor and Social Solidarity. As for the information regarding the cards that could not be delivered, they can be requested from the Romanian Post Office”, the MIPE press release states.

Social vouchers 2022. The lists are updated by the Ministry of Labour

“After a difficult first stage in which we managed to issue and distribute cards to approximately 2.5 million beneficiaries, we are already in preparations for the second one, which we will complete in the first part of September. Now, the procedure is certainly much more simplified, because the feeding is done in cursive for all those who are eligible. To the 2,480,613 beneficiaries in the first tranche, another approximately 150,000 Romanians will be added who will receive help for food and hot meals”, declared Minister Marcel Boloș.

The lists of beneficiaries will be updated by the Ministry of Labor and Social Solidarity by the end of this week, including the new beneficiaries, and will be verified by the National Tax Administration Agency next week.

The issuance of the new cards is planned to be completed on August 22, and the delivery by Romanian Post to the beneficiaries is to take place by September 3. Support for food and hot meals related to tranche II will reach all beneficiaries by September 8.

Social vouchers 2022. The amounts are valid for 12 months from the date of their loading

Vouchers worth 250 lei are charged once every two months, until the end of the year, and these amounts are valid for 12 months from the date of their charge. Thus, if tranche IV is loaded in December 2022, it can be used up to December 2023.

When distributed, the cards are accompanied by letters containing instructions for use (including the PIN code), details of shops where the cards can be used and a telephone number in case of problems.

The cards can only be used by the beneficiaries. In exceptional cases, in which the beneficiary cannot go to the economic operators to use the aid, then he can entrust the vouchers to a close person, but only together with the identity document.

In order to find out the current balance / amount available on the card and for other information, beneficiaries are asked to call the issuer’s Customer Service. The official phone numbers are as follows:

Edenred: 021 301 33 03 Sodexo: 021 204 46 64 UP Romania: 0374 66 22 73

Lists of economic operators where vouchers can be used are available here.

Who receives social vouchers:

a) Pensioners from the public pension system, pensioners in the records of sectoral pension houses and beneficiaries of rights provided by special laws, paid by territorial pension houses/sectoral pension houses, whose own monthly net income is lower or equal to 1,500 lei;

b) Persons categorized as severely, severely or moderately disabled, whose net monthly income is less than or equal to 1,500 lei;

c) Families with at least 2 dependent children, whose monthly net income per family member is less than or equal to 600 lei;

d) Single-parent families whose monthly net income per family member is less than or equal to 600 lei;

e) Families that have established the right to social assistance under the terms of Law no. 416/2001 on the guaranteed minimum income, with subsequent amendments and additions;

f) Homeless persons, as they are regulated according to the legal provisions in force.

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Source From: Libertatea

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