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Moved 20 years ago to Romania, a Sicilian quickly hit a few snags: “Here I learned that “immediately” means “indefinitely”. How he reacted when someone tried to spank him

Luca Militello, 44, the CEO of the Monza Romania group, spoke, in a show on Digi 24, about his first years in Timișoara, about his family and about his love for his second country.

An Italian, a Sicilian, “born in the most beautiful place in the world”, arrived two decades ago in Romania and is the CEO of the Monza Romania group. A 24-year-old engineer, who had just finished university in Palermo, now runs 4 hospitals, including the largest hospital in the country for cardiovascular surgery and interventional cardiology, near the National Arena in the capital.

Luca Militello, now 44 years old, came as a young engineer involved in a construction project in Timisoara. “First impression in Romania? A young man arrived in an effervescent country. The first month was a holiday, there was no shortage of fun. I realized that it can’t go on like this. I also had moments of crisis, when I wanted to leave everything and return to my own, to leave everything. But I resisted and here I am now, after 20 years, half-Romanian”, declared Luca Militello on the occasion of the invitation to “La cănă”, Ionela Năstase’s Digi24 show.

“I noticed that «immediate» It is «indefinitely»

The first word learned in Romanian is “immediate”. He even laughs at this detail: “I noticed that “immediate”, in Timișoara, is “indefinite”. I decided to learn Romanian as quickly as possible, otherwise I won’t learn it. It seemed natural to me to learn Romanian. Although there were many Italians in the area, and those from Timisoara know Italian. It seemed right to me to learn the language of the country that welcomed me. It helped me to speak the language of the interlocutor”.

Luca Militello revealed: “I get emotional when I hear Romania’s anthem, just as I get emotional when I hear Italy’s anthem! It’s a strange thing perhaps. If I have my children with me, plus my wife, it’s our country, not theirs. I also thought about Romanian citizenship, but, in the end, it is an act. And if I have the Italian passport, that’s enough. I mostly read in Italian, but I think and dream in Romanian! I am Romanian-Italian from Romania”.
Romanian family

He has a child from his first marriage, Nicole, 11 years old, born in Timișoara. Then, in Bucharest, he married Claudia, with whom he has a little girl, Anastasia, 3 years old, his consort also has a little boy, Albert, from a previous marriage. “My family has five members, I think so. Even though Nicole lives in Timisoara, I get along very well with her mother. It has harmony here, it has harmony there. All my free time is dedicated to my family, even if I still have activities related to sports, tennis and the gym. My wife and I cook together, we also go out for dinner. I like to cook. I am 44 years old, half Italian, half Romanian. I miss the sea and the sun, but I go to Constanța and find them again. Although the sea has a smell in Sicily”, said the Sicilian.

What does it say about “spear”

Luca Militello

Who plans to build another hospital in Romania. He reported that he was not asked for a “payoff”. “We didn’t have public works, that’s why we didn’t have such situations. Instead, I received requests like “Help me work for you, for your company, look what’s on the table!”. At that point, that supplier was not even called in for discussions. My biggest dream is to enjoy every thing, without doing anything out of obligation,” Luca Militello confessed.

About mother, about father

The Italian explained what he learned during his 7 years at home and how he maintains contact with his parents, who remained in Sicily: “My father told me: “Wherever you go in the world, in your life, you must respect the person in front of you, regardless of social position. Every person has a history, then everything comes by itself». I grew up in a modest family, but I didn’t feel the lack of anything. My mom doesn’t have a smartphone, just a push-button phone, let’s talk. And when I post something about my personal, social life, dad goes and shows her, and she cries with happiness. She is very proud. I also keep in touch with my two brothers, we get along perfectly”.

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