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The son of an employee of the General Secretariat of the Government, who intentionally hit a policeman with his car, sent to prison. What compensation does he have to pay?

The Bucharest Court of Appeal reduced from 2 years to one year the sentence received by Bogdan Florin Mardale, the son of an employee of the General Secretariat of the Government, who ran over a policeman who had signaled him, in 2020, to turn right in the North Station area of ​​the Capital. The sentence given at the beginning of last week is enforceable.

Final decision in the case of the young man who hit a policeman with his car near the North Station almost two years ago.

On Monday, July 25, the Court of Appeal reduced to one year the sentence of the District 1 Court, which had sentenced Bogdan Florin Mardale to 2 years in prison with execution in February. This is the son of an employee of the General Secretariat of the Government (SGG) and former personal secretary of the head of the National Institute of Statistics at the age of 20.

The punishment is execution.

In addition, the Court of Appeal upheld the sentences given by the District Court 1. Thus, the police officer who was hit will receive the sums of 3,500 euros (moral damages) and 4,000 lei (legal expenses), and Mardale will also pay 2,000 lei in legal expenses to state.

The Court of Appeal also ruled that Mardale, for the first 5 years after serving his prison sentence, will not be able to be elected to public authorities or any other public office, will not be able to hold a position involving the exercise of state authority and will not could drive vehicles for which possession of a license is required.

What happened in 2020

Mardale was accused that, on November 28, 2020, he hit the policeman who had asked him to move the vehicle from the bus station in front of the Bucharest railway station.

He then fled the scene and was apprehended by the same police crew.

The images from the incident were published by the Europol union, which accused that the author of the deed “is the son of a person from the General Secretariat of the Government”, which was confirmed by Libertatea, and “on Saturday evening, phone calls began to be made and pressure to blame the policeman”.

He came before the judge in shorts

Arraigned in April 2021 after his placement was changed to contempt, Mardale appeared in court wearing shorts.

“Can I retract my apology?” was Mardale’s ironic question to the judge, referring to the time he apologized to the policeman for what he had done.

In September 2021, the Romanian Police confirmed, for Libertatea, that the same Mardale was caught behind the wheel in Piața Victoriei in Bucharest, although his license was suspended. Thus, the second criminal file was opened in his name.

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Source From: Libertatea

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