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Fire at a boarding house in Brezoi where 41 children were staying. 16 minors and one adult were transported to the hospital

Twenty people who were stuck on the balconies due to thick smoke, following a fire that broke out in the night from Monday to Tuesday at a boarding house in the town of Brezoi, Vâlcea county, were rescued by firefighters, informs.

When the fire broke out on the ground floor of the building, in the room of the thermal plant, there were 41 children, 10 adults and the administrator of the location in the boarding house.

After the intervention of the firefighters, 17 people, 16 children and one adult, were transported to the hospital, most of them with panic attacks. Five of the children needed oxygen after suffering from carbon monoxide poisoning.

“The military firefighters from ISU Vâlcea were requested this morning, at around 3.40, to extinguish a fire at a boarding house, in the town of Brezoi, Păscoaia district, where 52 people were staying (41 children, 10 adults and the administrator boarding houses). Shortly after the fire broke out, the staff at the workplace and later the firefighters ordered the evacuation of all those inside”, ISU Vâlcea reported.

“Through the prompt intervention of the firemen, 20 people trapped on the balconies of the boarding house were saved, due to the large releases of smoke accumulated on the staircase”, stated ISU Vâlcea.

During the extinguishing mission, two cylinders were also evacuated from the interior, the danger of a possible explosion being removed.

Combustible materials stored in the power plant room, on an area of ​​30 square meters, burned. Also, the thermal plant and the related installation, the electrical installation, the water supply installation, various stored electrical appliances, the turning room of the plant and the interior walls of the building were degraded.

The intervention was attended by five special fire trucks (two ASAS from Garda Brezoi, two ASAS from the Râmnicu Vâlcea Detachment, one work platform at height), one SMURD crew and one special vehicle for transporting multiple victims and seven SAJ ambulances.


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Source From: Libertatea

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