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The jury acquitted the director of “Russian Harvard”, suspected of contract killing

Vasilisa Maslova, ex-director of the Russian Harvard private school, accused of organizing a contract killing, was acquitted by a jury of the Gagarin Court. It is reported by REN TV.

It is specified that Vasilisa Maslova, who was suspected of ordered murder of the wife of the municipal deputy Mikhail Khananashvili due to jealousy, was released from custody in the courtroom.

Later, in a conversation with the media, she said that she was glad that the process was over, but she wanted to understand what really happened.

“Throughout this time, I wanted to know the truth. And even now I do not understand what exactly happened then. Until the last, I don’t believe that Kolya could attack, ”said Maslova.

According to investigators, Maslova is involved in two crimes. One of them happened in 2018: then the wife of a municipal deputy, Svetlana Khananashvili, was attacked. She was hit on the head by an unknown person on the street.

Later, another attack was made on the woman. The police found out that the attacker was Nikolai Frolov, a student at the school where Maslova worked. He stabbed Khananashvili at least 10 times. The victim managed to survive.

The jury returned a guilty verdict against Nikolai Frolov, he admitted his guilt.

Source From: MK

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