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Scholz supported Trudeau in connection with criticism for the return of the turbine to Gazprom

In an interview with the Globe and Mail, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz supported Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who was criticized at home because of the decision to return the turbine to Gazprom.

“I consider the criticism of Justin Trudeau and his government to be absolutely groundless,” the head of the German government stressed, adding that the decision to transfer the turbine is “hardly a favor to Gazprom.” According to the politician, this is a powerful signal of support for Germany and Europe. He wondered: how can the weakening of Germany and Europe help Ukraine?

As the chancellor noted, he strongly disagrees with the claims that the Russian company “fooled” Trudeau as a result of her saying that she was unable to guarantee gas supplies due to emergency circumstances. Scholz specified that through the “firm decision” of the Canadian prime minister, “Gazprom” is now deprived of “an excuse to reduce or stop gas supplies.”

At the same time, earlier the press secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov, answering a question about accusations of Siemens by Gazprom of non-fulfillment of agreements on the repair of one of the turbines, as well as non-fulfillment of maintenance of several other units, stressed that the difficulties in gas supplies via Nord Stream were orchestrated by sanctions, there is little Gazprom can do.

Source From: MK

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