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Romanian gendarmes on the subway, hitting supporters after FCSB – Dinamo, the subject of a viral hoax in France, on social networks

A video posted on Twitter on July 31 by a user in France has gone viral after it is said to show footage of Spanish police officers stepping in to quell a rowdy gang causing a ruckus on the subway. The French news portal 20minutes analyzed the images and discovered that the footage shows Romanian gendarmes, after an FCSB – Dinamo match.

Since Sunday, a video widely circulated on social media shows Spanish police brutally beating a group of young people on the subway. But this video is not recent and was not filmed in Spain, but in Romania.

Such images frequently appear on social networks, each time located in a different country, to legitimize the presence and violence of the police.

In the images that were allegedly filmed in a metro station in Spain, we see around twenty policemen heading towards a train, before violently removing several passengers. Once on the platform, they are beaten. The video is accompanied by the following description: “Loud gang wreaks havoc on Spanish subway, friend assists on scene.”

Posted on Sunday, the video has since been reshared nearly 2,500 times and garnered more than 5,500 likes. In the comments, many netizens are challenging French Interior Minister Gérald Darmanin to demand similar treatment in France. “The Spanish police CRS is impressive. But why don’t we have this at home?” asks one user.

The images were posted by the user Arcus, a sympathizer of the right in France and who often publishes images and texts criticizing immigrants, young people who disturb public peace, and authorities who do not take action.

But this video was not filmed in Spain and the context of the images was not explained.

At the first viewing of the video, one thing is obvious, writes the quoted source: the spoken language has nothing to do with Spanish. “Therefore, it is likely that the scene will not take place in Spain under any circumstances. After a few minutes of research, we find on the images the sign on the metro with the roof: it is that of Bucharest, in Romania. Moreover, even if it is difficult to clearly read the equipment of the law enforcement forces, the letters on the men’s backs correspond to the uniforms of the Romanian gendarmerie, Gendarmeria,” writes 20minutes.

But what happened in Bucharest to reach such a scene? Thanks to the reverse search of the image, French journalists found a news story about the images, which dates back to October 2, 2020. It is actually an intervention by the gendarmerie after a football match between the two rival teams in Bucharest: FCSB and Dinamo.

The Gendarmerie justified its intervention by force at that time: “From the information held, it appears that some of the supporters of the Steaua and Dinamo teams intended to attack each other. The gendarmes tried to follow them, knowing very well that every time they arrive on public transport, all kinds of problems arise. The gendarmes asked them to leave the metro line because they caused panic among the passengers present. At that moment, two gendarmes were attacked, pulled into the subway.”

According to the gendarmerie, some supporters had white and smoke weapons on them, which justified the intervention of the law enforcement officers.

It is not the first time that the video shot in Bucharest is taken out of context. Most of the time, it is published in political propaganda magazines. In November 2020, for example, the footage was shared with the following text: “Police in the #Paris metro confronted maskless Muslims who spat at the officers.”

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Source From: Libertatea

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