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After immunotherapy, Alex, under the care of Turkish doctors, needs 8,000 euros per month. The boy, addicted to long-term treatment, beat cancer three times

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He is 18 years old, an age he turned a few months ago, but almost every day that passed during this time that dramatically marked his childhood and adolescence meant a fierce struggle for survival. Constantin-Alexandru Ene, from Bucharest, resisted the onslaught of cancer that “bitten” his body more than three times! With extraordinary strength, but also with the help of Turkish doctors who almost performed miracles, the boy emerged victorious every time. Now, after the immunotherapy courses, Alex is dependent on a long-term treatment whose costs amount to approximately 8,000 euros per month.

At 2 years old, Alex was diagnosed with stage four cancer with bone metastases

From the age of 2, when he was first diagnosed with cancer (stage four neuroblastoma with bone metastases), the child’s life changed brutally. Alex – whose health deteriorated suddenly from one day to the next – quickly entered a special program designed by oncologists, personalized medication at the end of which life triumphed. A first victory over death that would be overshadowed almost a decade later, when the disease relapsed and struck mercilessly a second time.

He was in a wheelchair for a year and eight months

A much harsher attack than the first, which would confine the boy to a wheelchair for a year and eight months. Once again, Alex’s universe seemed to be collapsing under the relentless pressure of the terrible disease just as his spine gave way under the pressure of the tumor that had made its way between the vertebrae he had fractured. And this time, the boy managed to beat the disease and, after a long hospitalization at the “Amerikan Hastanesi” in Istanbul, he returned home cured. On his feet!

Third relapse

Years later, the cruel scenario would repeat itself, as if obsessively, for the third time. A planned, routine check-up would show that a new tumor had formed, this time on the spinal nerve. The cancer had recurred for the third time, and the boy was again caught in the vortex of a new fight for survival. A seemingly never-ending struggle… Thus, the high school student, who passed the qualification at the National College “St. Sava” from the Capital, he had to move to Istanbul, his life endangered by the terrible disease that had once again invaded his body.

Qin the hospital on the banks of the Bosphorus, Alex – in the support program of Ringier Foundation Romania he underwent five courses of immunotherapy, but not before the oncologists removed, in a complicated surgical intervention, the tumor formation, along with the spinal nerve it had “attacked”. And his spine, extremely severely affected by kyphosis, was fixed in 20 screws and rods that must be checked at regular intervals.

Immunotherapy cures made with morphine administration

“After the third recurrence of the disease, my boy was hospitalized for six months (no October 2022 – April 2022) at Amerikan Hastanesi. He had spinal surgery due to kyphosis, which had reached 55 degrees after his implants failed. Alex also went through more than five courses of immunotherapy. As many as 23 hours with the needle in hand at a session made even with morphine administration, cures whose side effects were cruel: allergies, severe bone pain, reactions related to the cardiovascular system, tachycardia… But, thank God, Alex managed. He defeated the disease this time as well!”, Elena, Alex’s mother, told us what her son went through, with whom she stays moment by moment.

At least 8,000 euros, the price of a monthly course of treatment and investigations

Now, Alex is home and recovering. He got rid of the corset, but he has a ban on exertion, to protect his spine. The pain is over, but he cannot be considered saved until he completes a cycle of personalized post-immunotherapy treatment. Investigations and medication that must be done in the long term because the risk of relapse, even if it is lower, still exists. It is at least a year in which the high school student will have to go to Istanbul, to the Turkish doctors, once a month, to do complex analyzes according to which the specialists will think about the next step.

However, in order to be able to reach Turkey every month, Alex needs 8,000 euros per month. Even more, almost 10,000 euros in certain months, when the set of computerized investigations also includes scientography.

Please help my son!”

“The Turkish doctors told us, based on the investigations, that the outbreaks have been stopped from developing, but that there is a risk of recurrence. That is why we have to go once a month to Turkey (no – to Amerikan Hastanesi) for complex investigations, the results of which will determine the next steps. In order not to interrupt this medical program, Alex is in great need of at least 8,000 euros per month, and in some periods, 10,000 euros per month, depending on the investigations he has to do. I am asking all those who can help us to support my boy in his fight against cancer, a disease he has defeated three times”, is the appeal of Alex’s mother.

Those who want to help him Alexi I can do it by donating 2 euros via SMS to the number 8828 with the text “ALEX”.

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