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10-year-old student commits suicide after playing snowballs

Parents paid much attention to raising their son

Law enforcement agencies are trying to find an explanation for the mysterious death of a 10-year-old boy from a city in the east of the Moscow region. The child was found dead in his room, which he had previously locked from the inside.

As it became known to “MK”, ​​the misfortune happened on Saturday evening. And just a few hours before the tragedy, the neighbors watched a real “miracle” from the windows – for the first time in a long time they saw Vlad (name changed) walking in the yard. He played snowballs with his friends and laughed out loud. This struck some residents, because they all knew about the child’s “hopeless employment” – he devoted his free time to Japanese martial arts, making great strides in sports. The boy’s school was not very inspiring, but he studied diligently so as not to upset his parents. In addition, mom and dad had it in full view – the student’s phone had “parental control”, and they always knew what games he was playing and where he was at a particular moment in time.

Alas, on the fateful day, adults could not prevent the tragedy. After dinner, their son retired to the room, and they sounded the alarm only when he did not respond to a knock on the door. I had to break the lock.

Source From: MK

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