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Doctors from the capital, accused of forgery. They sold death certificates in white, which were completed by an embalmer

Several doctors from Bucharest are targeted in a criminal case of forgery and abuse of office, being accused of issuing partial death certificates, without going to the verification, and the documents were then completed by a representative of a funeral company, according to Agerpres, which quotes a press release from the Capital Police.

Today, the police descended on 13 addresses from this file, and following the hearings, a doctor, the embalmer and two intermediaries were detained.

According to some sources from the Police, quoted by Agerpres, the embalmer from the funeral company had relations among doctors, and the families of the deceased came to him to speed up the procedure for establishing the death.

The doctors completed, for some money, the blank death certificates and thus avoided the task of going personally to confirm the death.

The representative of the funeral company, together with two other intermediaries, would have filled out the certificates of death, with the time, date and place, over 1,200 such documents being drawn up.

According to a press release sent, on Saturday, by the Capital Police, 13 home search warrants and seven arrest warrants were implemented, the targeted persons being taken to hearings, for the continuation of the investigations.

The entire action benefited from the specialist support of the Special Operations Directorate – the General Inspectorate of the Romanian Police.

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