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Veterans of Volgograd urged to return to the city its historical name

Volgograd veterans called for the city to return its historical name – Stalingrad, according to local media.

The proposal was made to the governor of the region Andrey Bocharov at the plenary session of veterans of war, labor, the Armed Forces and law enforcement agencies. It was voiced by the chairman of the Volgograd City Council of Veterans, an honorary citizen of Volgograd Alexander Strukov.

“Our city on the Volga has become the best monument to the defenders of Stalingrad. Remembering the order of the soldiers-front-line soldiers of the generation of victors, to whom we are eternally indebted, we believe that now is the time, in memory of the defenders of the unconquered city, to restore historical justice and return the name of Stalingrad to the hero city, ”he said.

The governor himself noted that the decision to rename the city can only be made taking into account the views of all residents of the region. He called for the creation of a council and to study public opinion about returning the city to its historical name.

Earlier it was reported that a Volgograd blogger and social activist Alexei Ulyanov saw a sign with the inscription “Stalingrad” at the entrance from Gorodishche to Volgograd. In addition, signs “Stalingrad” can be at the entrances to the city along the federal highway Syzran – Saratov – Volgograd, along the federal highway Volgograd – Kamensk-Shakhtinsky (on Nezhdanova Street), along the federal highway R-22 “Caspian” (on Istoricheskaya Street) and along the regional highway R-221.

Source From: MK

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