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The director of the “Lumea Credinței” publishing house came by helicopter to the Lainici Monastery. “I’m starting to like the mix of technology and spirituality”

Răzvan Bucuroiu came by helicopter on Saturday to the Lainici Monastery, from Defileul Jiului, and the aircraft landed right in a parking lot next to the place of worship, according to the local publications Pandurul and Impact in Gorj.

Traffic was stopped in the area to allow the private aircraft to land safely.

“I relapsed, this time at Lainici. The thing is, I’m starting to like the mix of technology and spirituality. They play like big boys, but we were a bit shaken in the Gorge”, was the message that accompanied the photo posted by him.

The photos were posted on Facebook by Bucuroiu himself, who later deleted the post.

The helicopter landed in the parking lot next to the Lainici monastery, which was recently developed by the National Road Infrastructure Administration Company.

The representatives of the Gorj Police reported that checks are being carried out in this case, after the traffic was stopped so that the helicopter could land.

“Following the appearance in the public space of some images in which a helicopter can be seen landing in the Lainici Monastery parking lot, the traffic police are conducting checks to establish the factual situation, and legal measures will be ordered accordingly.”

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